Can You Ralgro a Horse? Find Out!

I have heard of ralgro used in cattle farming, but never heard of anyone that has successfully tried it on horses before.

Ralgro is an anabolic steroid (Zeranol) and I have never heard of it used in the horse industry, considering how Ralgro implants are used so commonly and often in the cattle industry.

Can You Ralgro a Horse?

Maybe! Honestly, it has not been tested and approved and whatever has not passed these two stages would be risky to use, because you may face a terrible generalized reaction or a big abscess here, if it is not cleared for horse, you may never know.

In cattle rearing, it works wonders by relieve stress or when they are going, like around weaning period.

Ralgro tests have been conducted with the products and it really helped calves rally from weaning and being hauled to new homes.

The calves that had Ralgro handled it better than those without, had better response to vaccinations and lesser stress.

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Although I have never heard of it being used on horses, I am even more surprised as why I have never thought of it? Now, I wonder how frequently some horse owners use it. The implants are cheap though.

Can You Ralgro a Horse

Edit: Some horse owners are using it as a legal alternative to Winstrol or Estrone. Yes, it is a big implant and the Ralgro is implanted into the horse neck.

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Some prominent hunter professionals use it to produce a cresty neck.

So, can you ralgro a horse? Yes, but it’s not something I would do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more people do this. Do share your view on this by using the comment section below.