Can You Ride English and Western at the Same Time? See How

Can You Ride English and Western at the Same Time

Yes, you can. In fact, I believe it is a great idea. It will give you a different perspective and perhaps, you might see things you want to bring over to your western riding or vice versa.

I ride on an Aussie-style saddle most times, but when I ride in a Western saddle, I adopt a more forward seat for fast canters or fast trots, while utilizing a more traditional Western seat when using a relaxed jog.

My horse has been happier ever since then.

My cousin has always been a Western rider. However, he decided to take up riding English a little on the side, because it looks good to be an all-round rider riding an all-around rider.

You won’t believe how much his Western equitation has improved simply by riding English, too. A lot of Western riders like him has developed a nasty chair seat amongst many bad habits after writing for long periods.

The English riding classes completely helped him with this. His alignment and balance were improved, not to mention his heels.

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Note: I’m not saying English is better than Western or vice versa, but one actually helps the other. I believe EVEERY rider at least should know how to ride both. A lesson in both won’t hurt either.

Can You Ride English and Western at the Same Time

Can You Ride English and Western at the Same Time?

I 100% recommend you do both! You can learn a lot of things from both. I began my first lessons on jumpers at 7/8 years old, then moved to Saddlebreds and rode saddleseat pleasure and equitation from about 10 until I got into college.

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In camps, during summer time, I rode western and then broke my last horse before the one now both in saddleseat and western.

So, Can you ride English and Western at the same time? I believe it’s great to know various techniques and techniques! Makes for a more rounded horseman and horse.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Let us know using the comment section below.