[Alternate CIRCLE Y?] Circle P Equition Saddle Reviews

Circle P Equitation saddle Review

Circle P saddle is where you turn to if you need your back to be in the free pain and knocks.

It fits on any horse, as riders wouldn’t regret making use of it.

Synthetically made with quality fiber, one in a million, Circle P’s leather making has been the talk of the town for a couple of years. It has proven to stand the test of time.

This saddle will strongly survive in situations where you think it could have got spoilt.

For instance, you can take it on a long-distance (like several miles) race on daily basis, for years without any cause for alarm.

Being ergonomic, the dependability and performance are beyond this world.

It features, great quality, sturdy trees, and durable leathers with amazing saddle styles, varying in different colors.

A saddle for everyone. Circle P is a premium product that has both the rider and the horse itself, covered with ultimate comfort.

This saddle is good for any event or person.

  • Cowboy,
  • cowgirl,
  • women,
  • men,
  • youth,
  • and what have you.

Asides from that, their horse accessories are also available to have a complete feeling of their expertise.

These accessories include:

  • necklaces,
  • earrings,
  • bracelets,
  • and other quality products.

It has stainless steel hardware, the suede is washable and you can have a total grip on it.

The horn is made with quality leather, while the stirrups are leather too.

The border alone is hand tooled. A great product for everyone indeed.

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High-Quality Equestrian Saddles

How Do You Know What Saddle Size to Buy?

Getting the most comfortable saddle should be your utmost priority as a horse rider.

In such a course, you will need to get an exact size that fits both the horse and yourself, it even helps the health of both parties.

So, one of the things you ought to note is that the bar’s front should always be after the shoulder blade. This will disallow rigid mobility for your horse.

To know this, you must first try it out by placing it on your horse without making use of the pad.

You then have a gap where a couple of fingers of yours should fit in from the wither’s top to the saddle’s gullet.

For complete comfort, you should ensure that there are at least, four inches twixt the saddle’s swell and you.

How Do I Know if My Saddle is Too Long?

A long saddle will result to back pain, if it persists, severe problems could occur.

Your saddle becomes too long if it does not remain in just at horse’s back pocket.

If it becomes a moving train when pressure is attached, then, it is too long a saddle.

Do not use it.

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High-Quality Equestrian Saddles

How Long Will a Saddle Last?

With proper maintenance and daily check, a saddle should live between 15 to 20 years.

The cleaning routine will be on a daily basis.

Conditioner and saddle soaps should be thoroughly used on leather saddles,

while damped cloth with water and the soap should do your synthetic saddle complete good.