Circle S Saddles Review in 2022 – Treeless or Roping?

Circle S Saddles Review

Are you considering getting yourself a Circle S saddle, and want to read the experience of current owners?

We welcome you to Circle S saddles review; the only one you’d ever read.

Circle S Saddles Review

From the information we have gathered, Circle S is really a hit-or-miss brand.

We have heard from people that some last years and others simply break after a couple of rides.


If you do a quick survey amongst riders, you’d discover that most have had experience with these saddles before.

The popular rule is that any saddle under $500 is termed poor quality.

Personally, I am surprised and cannot imagine a $485.00 New Western saddle being any good.

However, it could be that it is a below-cost closeout.

  • Manufacturer/Brand: Circle S Saddlery (View all products by Circle S)
  • Model: 2004-current year
  • Category: Roping Saddles

Customer Review:

My name is Hannah and I purchased this saddle from eBay and I loved it! It has lasted me years now and still lasts me.

So, I decided to get one for my husband at Ruff’s Saddle Shop in Umatilla Florida.

I went searching for saddle pads but after speaking to the owner of the shop, I walked out with two new Circle S saddles.

I paid $450 each for a saddle; 1 for my husband and 1 for my son.



The saddle seat is extremely comfortable to sit in.

I went on trail rides for long hours and practically felt almost no fatigue from the saddle.

The build quality is good too.

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The Circle S saddles review is handmade and features all stainless steel hardware and a bull hide-covered hardwood tree.

  • The tree on the saddle has full quarter horse bars
  • The saddle fits the quarter horse and Tennesse walkers very well.
  • The Circle S saddles review shows that the price is unbeatable.
  • They feature a 5-year warranty.
  • Compared to other competing brand saddles, these are about half the price.


  • The only dislike I have about the Circle S saddles is the weight.
  • The hardwood tree used makes the saddle weigh a little over 30 pounds.

However, that’s what you would expect from a quality saddle that is meant to last a lifetime, right?


Being a handmade saddle possessing stainless steel hardware and a bullhide covered tree, this saddle is really good quality.

I have no issues with the construction of the saddle.

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Circle S Saddles Review Summary:

For an affordable price, you enjoy a great and good-quality saddle.

So far, I’ve purchased three Circle S saddles and would not hesitate to buy more if the need arises.

I totally recommend buying one.

Best Equestrian Circle S Saddles

What do I think?

You should buy this if you’re looking for a second saddle for your horse and to retrain/break and keep your main saddle nice for your main show horse.

Opinions? Share them with us using the comment section below and we’d be more than happy to engage you in a conversation.