CHECK OUT Circle Y Park and Trail Saddle Reviews [with Pros&Cons]

Circle Y Park and trail saddles look great and are well built.

Circle Y Park and Trail Saddle Review 

The Circle Y park and trailer saddle is a sturdy, long lasting trail saddle with the quality you and I can come to expect from America’s premier saddle creators, Circle Y of Yoakum, Texas.


This low cost western saddle is highly recommended. Circle Y is well known for their long history of quality western saddles and this saddle has all of the options you would find in a high priced Western trail saddle at an affordable price.

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This horse saddle is has a slick padded seat with an additional cantle for additional security and comfort on the ride.

It boasts of a stainless steel, with a 3 way in-skirt rigging.

Has got semi quarter horse bars.

Hi Tech Ralide Tree guaranteed five years.

Semi quarter horse bars.

3 1/4″ Leather Covered horn.

Dee rings pre mounted to skirts for simple attachment of saddle bags.

Complete, double reinforced stirrup straps, with stainless steel, fast change buckles.


Note: You can buy circle y park and trail used on Ebay.

The seat size comes in 15″, 16″, & 17″

Color: Regular oil or Walnut

Tree: Ralide

Skirt size: 26&1/2″L X 13″D

Riggings: C-rig

Swell Width: 12″

Cantle Height: 4″

Horn Size: 3&1/4″ Neck, 1 &7/8″ Cap

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It is affordable

They are well built and sturdy

These saddles are comfortable and nice too

Circle Y Park and Trail Saddle Review


None that I currently know of

Summary: While putting together this Circle Y Park and trail saddle review, we found out that the flex-tree they use is unique to them.

They pretty much own the company that produces their trees so can modify, completely put a special order under leather and make any saddle “custom” as they own all of the patented components of these saddles. Because Circle Y also owns, High Horse, Reinsman, and Tucker brands you might locate the tree you find that comfort in a different brand.

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