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There is only a small amount of CWD jumping saddle review you’d ever see online yet the products of this brand have been more than excellent.

I highly recommend you purchase CWD saddles, their price and quality are great and it holds their value.

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Cwd Saddles Reviews

CWD 2G hunter jumper saddle Review

My neighbor bought the CWD 2G hunter jumper saddle for his horse.

The horse has a kissing spine and is a high withered thoroughbred, and his trainer insisted on a CWD and it did seem to relax under the 2G.

Meanwhile, a sum of $6500 was paid – almost the price my neighbor bought the horse.

However, this is a custom saddle, they guaranteed it would fit perfectly and assured any changes would be done for free if needed.


  • It helps keep the leg in the correct position
  • It Is one of the leading saddles in jumper saddles category.
  • It molds to your equine back etc.


CWD Jumping Saddle Review


The quality of the CWD saddle is one you would expect from a $6500 saddle.

The Stirrup leather stitching lasts for years. However, their customer care service sucks!


CWD saddle reps are a joke, and they have changed every couple of months, or at least in the Pacific Northwest, and despite their 21 days of training, they still could not fit a horse and rider (simple high withered thoroughbred and regular size rider).

While conducting research for this Cwd jumping saddle review, we found out that they do not take responsibility for a problem they cause themselves and are not helpful.

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Se01 CWD Saddle Review

The SE02 was bought earlier but the company told me it was an incorrect saddle for me and my horse and convinced me to trade it in for a custom se01with a 2c flap instead.

Bought it straight from a CWD seller for a price of $6,000.


I love the soft leather this CWD saddle has.


I believe the construction of this saddle sucks and it did not adjust totally to the width-wise anyway.

The pivot placement along the tree of this saddle will cause it to break the tree and void the warranty if you try to adjust it.

CWD fails to tell its users this and why. The single adjustment that you can do to this saddle is the panels and that’s it.


Coming from France, this saddle quality is a great one.

I have heard of rumors of the ones being sent from Burbank after some modifications to suit your horse and you being bad ones.

How true this is, I do not know but buyers beware of sending any saddles to Burbank for whatever reason besides selling it.

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Their customer care service representatives are not that great.

However, their modification skills are great and your saddle is sure to come back to you fitting your horse more than when it left.