MY ADVICE? READ these Dakota Barrel Saddle Reviews [Price,Pros&Cons]

From my research so far, I come to the conclusion that the Dakota barrel saddle is a pretty decent saddle.

They are no Martin or Circle Y saddle type but they are not junk either. This is why we decided to grace you with our Dakota Barrel saddle Reviews.

You can call this saddle middle of the line. Anyway, it is a great investment if you’re not looking to break the bank or for junk saddle.

Dakota Barrel Saddle Reviews

Manufacturer/Brand: Dakota (View all products by Dakota Saddlery)

Model: Barrel Saddle



Category: Barrel Saddles

Customer Review 1: My name is Ben and I purchased this saddle from a local seller on eBay for $645 brand new. I experienced a hard to fit gaited gelding and after having him fitted, this saddle fits him perfectly. I totally recommend!

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Customer Review 2: My husband bought my Dakota barrel saddle second hand from a neighbor in 2000, and I had been friends with her when she first bought it new. During that time, my horse was older and needed his weight shifted back off his front legs. I also believed it would be more comfortable and relaxing to ride Western than English for hours; this saddle proved me right! It really worth every penny spent. The saddle cost me $450.

Dakota Barrel Saddle Reviews


It’s comfortable for both rider and horse.

The saddle is gorgeous

Allows for both show and trail ride

The fenders don’t creak and squeal like many new saddles. Heck, it turned in one night.

I like the high pommel and cantle, and it’s really not super wide like many mens saddles.

It is great for medium tall to tall women.

It handles water well.

It is super secure without too much leather between horse and rider.

For a Western saddle, it has close contact.

It fits all horse from a 13.3 pony to a Belgian Draft. My saddle even has it’s own small fan club (hahaha).

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At some point, the fenders were stiff for long hours, it basically took an ocean soaking, with and hour wet ride back to the trailer for them to finally turn.

For a short person, you would find out that he fenders are a little long for you if you’ve got short legs.


The saddle is fairly light and is made very well. The tree is wood and it features a 5 year guarantee, and the saddle itself is satisfaction guaranteed so if anything comes unraveled or anything, you can return it and they’d fix it for ya.

So far, the single thing I have had to replace are the small straps that tie around down by the sturrups because I misplaced one.

Dakota barrel Saddle Reviews Summary: I 100% love this saddle. It is beautiful and totally usable. I would for sure purchase another Dakota, and would recommend them to people who wants a saddle but cannot pay several bucks for it.

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