Dior Saddle Bag Serial Number Check & How To Spot A Fake Complete 2023 Guide

Dior Saddle Bag Serial Number Check & How To Spot A Fake Complete 2024 Guide

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Are you looking for a reliable way to determine if a Dior Saddle Bag is authentic or fake? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll provide a complete guide to Dior saddle bag serial number checks and how to spot a fake. We’ll walk you through the process step by step, so you can have the confidence to make an informed decision when buying a Dior Saddle Bag. Read on to learn more about Dior saddle bag serial numbers.

The Dior Saddle Bag is a timeless and iconic fashion item that will never go out of style. Debuting on the Spring/Summer 2000 runway, it quickly became the “it-bag” of the season. Unfortunately, this has also made it a target for counterfeiters.

Do Dior Saddle Bags Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, Dior Saddle Bags have serial numbers. The Dior saddle bag serial number is a unique serial number printed on a tag inside the bag. This number is used to authenticate the bag and can be cross-checked with an authenticator such as Entrupy or with the Dior website. The serial number is usually a combination of letters and numbers and contains information about the model, year of production, and place of origin. By checking the serial number, you will be able to determine if the bag is authentic or not.

Where Is The Dior Saddle Serial Number?

The serial number for a Dior Saddle Bag can be found stamped into the leather on the underside of the bag, located either beneath the zippered pocket or on the side of the bag.

Additionally, many Dior Saddle Bags come with a detachable leather tag that lists the bag’s serial number.

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What To Do With A Dior Saddle Bag Serial Number

Once you have the serial number of your Dior Saddle Bag, you should contact Dior directly to ensure it is genuine. The company’s customer service team can check the serial number to verify the authenticity of the bag and provide additional information about its production and origin. Additionally, Dior can provide helpful advice on how best to care for and store the bag.

To contact Dior regarding your Dior saddle bag serial number follow this link to Dior’s official website.

Dior Saddle Bag Real vs Fake Guide 2023

This guide will provide you with 13 steps to help you identify a fake Dior Saddle Bag. By following these steps, you can determine the authenticity of the bag and ensure that you are investing in a genuine product. This guide will cover topics such as examining the bag’s materials and construction, checking the serial number, and researching the bag’s origin. This guide will also give you tips on how to spot a counterfeit bag and how to avoid buying a fake.

Original Dior Saddle Bag Serial Number Check / Data Code

Each Dior item has a special date code on the back of the leather labels, just like every other premium product.

It is made up of two numbers, two letters, and four numbers (00-XY-0000), but these aspects are subject to change over time.

How To Authenticate Dior Saddle Bag

The letters represent the production plant, while the numbers represent the date, week, or month in which it was produced.

The month of fabrication is represented by the first and third digits, while the year is represented by the second and fourth.

Take, for instance, 18-MA-0156 indicates that the item was manufactured in May of 2016. The year and other specifications on the fake Dior saddle bags do not match the serial number.

Heat Stamp and Inner Leather Label Tag

A genuine Dior Saddle bag top label tag must interpret “Christian Dior” and “Paris” on its front, as well as MADE IN ITALY (or SPAIN) and the code on the back with “Christian Dior” and “Paris” on the front.

MADE IN ITALY and Christian Dior Paris will be written on the front of some bags (such as Gaucho).

The authentic label is ultra-smooth and gleams slightly, whereas the bottom label is textured and grainy and a different colour.

Check the stitching again: The stitches on the genuine badge are made of thick, high-quality thread and are very tightly done, whereas the fake stitching around the label is so bad that it might come off.

Bags made after the mid-nineties should have perfect stitches on all four corners of the inner label,

whereas early-nineties bags should only have the stitch running through the top portion of the label.

Dior Saddle Real vs Fake Guide

The thermal stamp must be flawlessly focused in the leather tag’s centre.

The lettering should be extremely clear with a silver or gold colour scheme.

The bag is most probably fake if there is no colour engraved into the leather.

The Dior Saddle Bags Material

The monogram canvas of the Dior saddle bag has evolved over time.

A vintage piece from 2002 and a mainstream piece from the previous decade differ slightly.

To begin with, the left-hand column of the “D” has shrunk since then.

Second, as the “R” has moved closer to the “D,” the spacing between the “R” and the “D” has changed.

The “R” has become a larger part of the monogram.

Authentic vs Fake Dior Saddle Bag

This dividing line may not apply to all Dior Saddlebags from the past.

Some Ambiguous Saddlebags made between the late 1990s and the re-issued printings from 2018 and onwards will look similar to the latter

The Dior Saddle Bags Shape

1) Pay much attention to the colour, fabric, and quality of the bags when scanning a fake.

Although the shape is irregular, that doesn’t mean you can just freestyle it and call it a day:

the original version is much rounder, whereas the fake bag has a longer overall appearance.

Do Dior saddlebags have Serial Numbers

Dior Saddle Bag Flap

To ensure that the overall appearance of the handbag is evenly balanced, the flap ought to be smaller than the rest of the bag. The fake flap is much larger than it should be, and it has a curvier shape.

In addition to the size and shape, the colour tone of the fake bag is more prominent than it should be.

The Flap of Dior Saddle bag

Dior Saddle Bags Opening

The entrance of the Dior Saddle bag does not start at the edge of the handbag.

To put it another way, the opening isn’t the same size as the width of the handbag.

The opening of Dior Saddle bag


The CD’s Attractions:

The equipment is visible on both edges of the strap. The identifiers C and D of Christian Dior are embossed on these pieces of jewelry.

The third link with wavy corners and rounded edges joins them together.

On the back of the link, facing inwards, “Christian Dior” is engraved.

The first and last letters of the names have a greater impact than the rest of the text.

Dior CD Charms

Authentic Dior hardware is matte and aged rather than smooth and shiny.

The right picture lacks the vibrant colour of real hardware, which is more silver with yellow undertones than pure golden colour.

The initial letters are significantly larger and thicker, while the metal piece linking the two letters is significantly thinner and longer.

The fake model’s sizing is far from accurate.

Counterfeit bags are regularly too thin, tall, or light when it comes to the “D” annexure attached to the front flap.

The "D" Appendix

The Zipper

Investigate the stitching on the Saddle Dior bag’s Zipper, as well as the logo and printing, which should be crisp and coherent, but the quality of the Zipper will tell you everything.

The Zipper on the authentic Dior Saddle bag rolls up to the very corner of the hardware, whereas the Zipper on the fake bag does not zip up to the very edge of the metal area, as it should, and there is still a small gap where it could move.

the zipper of the Saddle Dior bag


Stitching is an essential component of any product, especially high-end items.

From the addendum and pipework to the inside tag and interior zipper pocket, the sewing should be even and consistent throughout the garment, highlighting the Dior house’s excellent artistry.

The Stitching

Dior Saddle Bag Straps 

The overall effect is good on the counterfeit bag’s strap, but the letters are much larger and have a different shape.

The text on the counterfeit bag’s belt appears to be too thick, indicating that it was stamped too deeply into the belt, whereas the legitimate bag’s text appears to be thinner, indicating that it was printed less deeply into the belt.

The Straps of Dior Saddle bag

2) The background stripes are more visible on the authentic strap, whereas the effect is almost lost on the bottom picture.

3) “CHRISTIAN” is written on the genuine Saddlebag’s top. On the fake Dior Saddle bag, the “DIOR” text can be seen at the top.

As a result, the text on the fake bag is inverted, as it should be read in the opposite direction as it is on the genuine bag.

fake Dior Saddle bag

Dior Saddle Bag Buckle

The golden portion of the genuine strap is larger, implying that it will remain closed in a solid-state for a longer period of time.

The counterfeit bag’s text comes to be a fraction of a millimeter thinner than the genuine Dior Saddlebag’s.

The colour of the fake bag’s buckle is too light, whereas the colour of the authentic Dior Saddle bag’s text is slightly darker than the colour of the fake bag’s text.

The Buckle of Dior Saddle bag
authentic Dior Saddle bag

The Dior Saddle Bag Lining

Dior linings come in a wide range of colours and materials. Looking for bad sewing and other flaws in the lining that also are almost always present is the best thing to do.

The Lining of Dior Saddle bag

Dior Saddle Bag Authenticity Card

With the authentic bag, include a small envelope containing a grey, watermarked Authenticity Card and a Care Booklet, each of which is translated into three languages (English, Chinese and French).

Christian Dior should be printed in black or gold on one side of the sincerity card, and Christian Dior should be written in gold on the other.

Authentic cards have two small spaces for data storage and a large rectangular area for stamping dates.

The style number for the bag you bought is represented by the numbers on the authenticity card.

Dior Saddle Bag Authenticity Card

3) The font on both tags is nearly identical, but the letters on the fake tag for the words “Boutique” and “Paris” are heavier than they should be, with more space between them.

The Dust Bag and the Box

If you pay close attention to these details, you’ll get a sense of how the real one looks, and you’ll be able to spot a fake right away.

The printed Dior logo on the dust bag is different in material, colour, size, and font.

The Box and Dust bag

Dior dustbags have evolved in style, so if you find a vintage piece with its earliest dust bag, it will have the retro oval Christian Dior Paris logo on it.

Recent creations of the new dustbags come with only grey Dior lettering printed on white cotton, whereas older (but not too old) bags should have greyish Christian Dior Paris letters.

Silk (or other shiny, non-cottony) fabrics, on the other hand, should be avoided.

Dior Saddle Bag Serial Number Check & How To Spot A Fake Complete 2023 Guide – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this Dior Saddle Bag Serial Number Check & How To Spot A Fake Complete 2023 Guide has provided you with the tools to confidently identify and purchase a genuine Dior Saddle Bag. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can check the serial number to verify the authenticity of the bag and research its origin to ensure you are investing in a genuine product. By learning how to spot a counterfeit bag, you can avoid being scammed and ensure you are investing in a quality product that will last.

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