Do Alfalfa Cubes Go Bad? – Find Out

Do Alfalfa cubes go bad?

Yes! Alfalfa cubes will go bad if they dampen/mold. This makes them unusable.

How to Tell If they are Bad?

It doesn’t matter if some are lighter or others are darker. You cannot tell by color.

They come in various colors per back. If they get moist, they will mold, which will in turn render them unusable. At times, the wind will blow off the lids and moisture will get into the cans, which spoils them. I term them safe as far as they are still in pellet form.

Another way to tell if they are good or bad is to use microscope slide. Simply tap a pellet on a microscope slide, and if you see spores, it means they are moldy, if not it means they are not. These molds look like perfectly tiny little balls – hundreds of them.

Do Alfalfa Cubes Go Bad

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How to Feed Cubes to My Horse and Prevent Choking

I recommend you soak them in water before feeding. Personally, I don’t feed cubes because my horses prefer hay, especially during winter. Provided the option, I would opt for hay instead of cubes for more reasons – one of the reason being size.

I have heard of some who feed alfalfa cubes just fine, but I know some who feed it without soaking) and have faced choke incidents several times.

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Optionally, you can take them and ‘flake them” into smaller, thinner pieces rather than feeding a whole cube when you feed them as treats. Their size and hardness are not something I advise to offer whole to any of your horses.

In the past, we fed about 10 pounds a day to both of our TB to help them maintain weight, and those were soaked.

We hope you now know that Alfalfa cubes go bad and know the best ways to feed them to avoid choking-problem.