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The Equiderma fly spray is a must-have grooming kit or accessory if your horse is faced with any kind of skin allergy or gets scratches.

It works great on the base of your horsetail and itchy mane. Need I add that it is mild enough to use on his face too.

I most times use it maybe twice a week on the areas I talked about and it works like magic. No flaking, peeling or itchy area anymore.

He was BALD from scratching his crest from his Sweet itch (midge allergies).

It hardly gets greasy so if you have a light-colored horse be rested assured that he or she will stay clean that way.

This completely works and outweighs the setbacks which don’t exist, haha.

Equiderma Fly Spray Reviews

Customer #1 Review:

These brand products have been working for me and my sweet pony.

He did have a rare reaction to other brands but the Equiderma worked great for him.

I have tried several other products from this company and cannot just say enough wonderful things about the company and its customer service.

It smells really good and keeps the flies off. I would recommend you give it a try if you’ve been thing about ordering this product.

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Equiderma Fly Spray Reviews

Customer #2 Review:

They smell very good and work extraordinary well and the customer service has been top-notch; the best I have ever gotten from a company.

Thank you Equiderma, I (Susan) is sure to return because of the caring and kind messages we have gotten.

Customer #1 Review:

While I was searching for Equiderma fly spray reviws online, I saw the product on Amazon and bought it – never regretted my action.

I have the zinc cream, skin lotion, and recently bought the thrush treatment. They all work amazing jobs, just as stated!

Great quality, I’m so excited to have them in my line-up! Thank you so much Equiderma!

Customer #14 Review:

After much thoughts, I decided to give this fly spray a trial.

I am not disappointed as this is the best I have ever used.

There are hardly any tail swishing in the pasture, it is not greasy and smells nice.