The Best Equiderma Horse Skin Lotion for Rain Rot – WORKS?

Equiderma Horse Skin Lotion for Rain Rot

Here, we share with you unbiased Equiderma Horse Skin Lotion for Rain Rot reviews from Many customers who have tried and tested it.

Equiderma Horse Skin Lotion for Rain Rot Reviews

Customer 0: This is definitely the best healing product I have ever used on my horses! If I could give a million stars, I would. My horses were faced with incurable skin diseases last month and now they are healed all thanks to Equiderma fly spray.

99% of my friends too have switched over to Equiderma Skin Lotion now too and have never regretted it for a day!!! We All LOVE EQUIDERMA!!


Customer 1: My horse Shazam is 8 and I’ve been using Equiderma for almost 3 years now. Before that, I used Love Potion Oil and I was unhappy and devastated! My horse was always in pain and tears all his hairs out! I tried  many other products! Even my local community vet prescribed lotions and Shampoos for hundreds of dollars but they didn’t work.

This is the first product I have ever gotten help from. I love this!

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Equiderma Horse Skin Lotion for Rain Rot

Features of the Equiderma Fly Lotion

  • Application is easy
  • Non-messy
  • Aids in treatment of multiple  skin conditions including ring worms, rain rot, scratches, etc
  • Equid Erma Skin Lotion aids in the treatment of sweet itch, summer itch, muck itch, rain rot, scratches and insect bites

Customer 2: This still remains the best fly repellent I’ve stumbled upon. It smells nice and my mare who is extremely sensitive to bug bites that result in large bumps loves it. The big bumps disappear after applying Equiderma on his skin. We love this stop and I have never had to worry about “overspray” on me.

Customer 3: My mare battled with cannon bone crud for weeks and months, a small other bumpy bumps that proved to be incurable until I tried Equiderma. Before that, I have used Triple Antibiotic, Vetericyn, Banixx, MTG, Athletes foot creams (two types), No Thrush powder and medicated washed. Yet, nothing worked.

Once I applied Equiderma once, I could tell fairly quickly of how well it was working. I currently use this every other day. The scabby bumps are gone and the crud grease is now coming off with ease when grooming.

The best part? It smells great, it is easy to apply and there are no.

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Customer 3: My mare had cannon bone crud for months and a few other scabby bumps that wouldn’t go away. I’ve used MTG, Banixx, Vetericyn, Triple Antibiotic, 2 types of athletes foot creams, medicated washes and No Thrush powder. Nothing worked. 1 Application of Equiderma and I could already tell how well it was working. I now use every other day.

The cannon crud grease is now coming off easily when grooming and the scabby bumps are gone. Product smells great, no greasy residue and easy to apply.

A must have for horses with skin issues in cold climates when benadine scrubs are not feasible. I will be using this lotion all year as a preventative.

Customer 4: My friend recommended this product to me and I and my horses all love eeetttt!

Customer 5: My pony had a skin condition and I have been using this to calm the skin keeping it clean and itch free.