Fallon Taylor Inspired Troxel Helmets Review

Fallon Taylor Inspired Troxel Helmets Review in 2022 – Be Safer!

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Fallon Taylor Inspired Troxel Helmets are Brand new to the market, Fallon Taylor’s signature helmets are turning heads.

The Fallon Taylor Barrel Racing Helmet is produced by Troxel; a trusted riding helmet manufacturer since 1898.

The Troxel brand is the leading provider of ASTM/SEI-certified riding helmets. Now that we have the safety out of the way, let’s look at the functionality.

Western Riders tend to overlook riding helmets, not only because of tradition but because of the inconvenience as well.

The Troxel brand is well on its way to dissolving this issue with its new self-locking buckles.

Fallon Taylor Troxel Helmet Review

If you ever have worn a helmet of any kind, I’m sure you remember the worst part being the buckle, it was either rubbing you under the chin or pinching you when opening or closing it.

This problem has finally been solved with the self-locking buckle!  The magnet of the buckle allows riders to close the latch with only one hand.

The buckle may also be unlatched with one hand, which will resolve any issues with having to take your hands off of the reins while adjusting your helmet.

The second most common misconception about riding helmets is the lack of airflow.

Troxel helmets are built with vents in the front of the helmet to encourage breathability and optimal comfort.

Because of this owners will probably find that their new helmet is just as comfortable as wearing a hat.

Other notable additions to the barrel racing helmets are the GPS 2 fit system that allows the helmet to conform to each individual rider’s head.

This system incorporated a dial fit to make adjustment easy while on the move.

The soft tip is a protective feature that will protect the rider from cuts and scrapes during a fall.

The tip is flexible and does not obscure the vision of the rider.

The design of the Fallon Taylor helmets is also considerate of comfortable ear placement.

There are no exposed metal pieces that could burn the ear or create ringing sounds like that of a bell.

Racing helmets have come a long way within the last 10 years and are no longer the hassle they once were.

Fallon has done an excellent job bringing helmets into the limelight in order to make them fashionable and widely accepted in the rodeo world.


Once you have decided on the helmet design you want; it’s time to choose the appropriate size. The helmets are fitted by hat size or head circumference.

Small- up to 22 inches circumference (up to 7 hat size)

Medium- 22-22 3/4 inches circumference (7-7 1/4 hat size)

Large- 22 3/4 + (7 1/4 + hat size)

Helmet Care

When helmets become dirty, you may wipe the inside and outside with a damp cloth.

It is not recommended to use soap due to possible deterioration.

Helmets should be stored in well-ventilated areas in order to prevent smell and also maintain structural integrity.

Helmets that have been in an accident should be replaced immediately.

Pros –

The Fallon Taylor Riding Helmets are a great addition to the rodeo arena.

They come in multiple colors such as pink bandanna, snow leopard, rave splatter, tie-dye, and Aztec.

The headliners also come in bright animal prints.

The safety aspects of the helmet were also well thought out and will stand up against brutal impact.


The only negative side to the helmet is that the designs are still in the preliminary stages, so some variations will have a waiting list.

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