How to Look Up Simco Saddles Serial Numbers

Simco Saddle Serial Number Lookup

It’s only normal that you’d want to know more about the Simco saddle’s serial numbers if you own an older Simco Longhorn barrel saddle.

You might have checked the inside ad found the serial number but might need more information and need a website or contact number for Simco Longhorn.

Congrats, you’re at the right place as we’d be sharing with you details on how to contact Simco Saddles Company.

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More Information on Simco Saddles Serial Numbers

Simco-Longhorn is now part of the Action Company and you can call them on 972-542-8700.

Part of the Conglomerate: Abetta, Tex-Tan/Hereford, Billy Cook Texas, SaddleSmith, and Greg Darnell Bits.


Calling any company and inquiring is the simplest way of getting any information about the product. This method is one that can give you the most information on the products/services you’re inquiring about.

Simco Saddles Serial Numbers

Now, the numbers depending on age could be a model.

The catalog number and this number is generally 4 digits. Simco is one of a long line of company mergers.

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A quick way to identify while calling them ks having a few pictures; this will help them give you all the information you need.

At one time they were Potts Saddlery, Longhorn Saddlery, and Simco. Potts merged forces with Longhorn and became Potts Longhorn.

Then Simco brought PL in and it became Simco Potts Longhorn. There may be others in the mix.