Flexible Fit Bridle Review – A Good Australian Bridle?

Today’s Flexible fit bridle review will unveil lots of features, pros and cons of the Flexible fit equestrian to you.

Flexible Fit Bridle Review   

  • Order Process/Pricing:

Order processing and delivery was quite fast if I must say. The horse bridle indeed is real flexible. For an excellent fit, this bridle allowed me to create a custom fit by mixing and matching sizes.

I measured my buy according to FFE methods and emailed them the measurements and asked them what size pieces I must buy. They responded almost instantly and politely to every of my mails, and asked me to measure Jack (My horse) head again because the nose measurement which I emailed to them earlier was smaller than their pony size.

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My bad. Jack’s final dimensions? Full headpiece, full cheek pieces, cob noseband, cob browband.

Note: Flexible Fit Equestrian is based in Australia, and their full bridles are a hair smaller than US full bridles. I expected Jack to be firmly in the Cob sizes, despite his thicker jaw, but his measurements put his cheek pieces and headpiece in the full range. After receiving his bridle, I think he might have been able to get away with cob cheeks, but definitely not cob all around.

Shipping it to the states costs me $35 shipping.

My friend too was interested and we split the shipping fee. I got the Flexi-Fir Gel Mix & Match Bridle, and my friend bought the Flexi-Fit Mix & Match bridle. The minimum price of mine was around $124.80, and his was $184.80.

This price is not a bad one for a custom bridle. You can purchase individual pieces from them, i.e only a browband or noseband, but there’s discount applied if you order them within the Mix & Match bridles.

Neither of us bought reins – as we both have our preferred reins.

Depending on the base Mix & Match Bridle, you have a varied selection of nosebands (so the leather, gel/non-gel and fittings match). The Gel Mix & Match comes with the most options. It seems almost every browband is available to each bridle (some are limited due to styling like rolled leather etc.). You can get black or brown leather in eventing, dressage, or hunter styles.

There are no limits to the number of nosebands and browbands you can order (all are discounted in price since you’re purchasing via the Mix & Match!)

In the end, my bridle cost $209.80 + $17.50 shipping, so custom fit bridle for $227.30. Sweet! I added all and then checked out.

The bridles dropped price because Australian taxes were already added into the price, so those were taken out.

My bridle was down to $208.23. Fantabulous!

The total charged on my credit card was significantly lower because USD is stronger than AUD. There was a 24.06% discount and ended up with $117/

Communication with the company was smooth and order was fast! They’re responsive and the website was simple enough to navigate. I only experienced issues taking away items from my cart – sometimes I dump a lot into my cart to cherry pick later.

Communications were only held up by the time difference- they’re something like 10 hours ahead of EST.

Flexible Fit Bridle Review

  • Arrival:

Shipping was faster than I expected.

Before writing this Flexible fit bridle review, I noticed that the bridles came in cool soft bag, and all of the leather was soft, right out of the bag.

I cannot tell if I like the leather or not – It’s soft right out of the bag for sure, however it has a form of plastic/waxy feel and the edges are super square. I believe that will go away in time with cleaning and conditioning.

The smell is leathery-pleasing. I love the gel padding on the underside of the crank noseband – It’s just as good (if not better) than the gel insoles you can purchase for your shoes.

I may have spent a considerable amount of time squeezing it. The regular, non-gel bridle is still very soft and has excellent padding.

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  • Fit:

The bridle fits Jack cuddly! My friends bridle fit her horse amazingly too. Jack loves his new bridle too – Everyone is happy. With my former brindle, Jack foams in his mouth like crazy when we ride but with this new one, he doesn’t.

The company perfects the bridle size when you send them recommendations. Each buckle has seven holes – the company recommends sizes based on using the middle hole, so you’ll never be buckled at the last or first hole.

  • Features:

The noseband and crown piece have the same gel and are super soft and squishy. The gel mix and match bridle has ear cuts out in the monocrown.

The throat latch buckles on both sides. The noseband is nice and stiff (in a good, it-won’t-slide-down-the-nose way). The noseband also has a neat converter option with the flash. This flash is totally removable, without damaging the noseband itself, or looking hokey like the normal removable flash attachments.

The bridle also features care and cleaning instructions – avoid using any liquid oil on it. It appears they desired a cream conditioner, but I used my friend’s Effax Balsam on it instead.

The instructions didn’t yell anything about the cleaner, so I used the balsam on it a couple of times before using my LederCombi on it to get rid of some waxy feel and it worked.

  • Overall:

To end our Flexible fit bridle review, we’d like to say that this bridle has been excellent. It’s beautiful, it’s soft, and it was an excellent price for a semi-custom bridle. I only say semi-custom because it was a mix and match of sizes instead of a fitter coming out and cutting/measuring it exactly to Jack’s size.

Obviously this is not the best quality out there, but it’s really great quality at it’s price. Do you have any experience/question about this Flexible Fit Equestrian Bridle? Leave us a comment below.