Henri De Rivel Saddles Review – Are They Worth It?

Henri De Rivel Saddles Review

Henri de revel saddles are a good variety for horses. They are long-lasting and are comfortable. Yes, they are no children, etc, but they are nice for the money.

My thoughts: I have the Henri de rivel saddle pro-all-purpose and I LOVE it! It is super comfortable for me, and I love the knee rolls. And the leather is nice quality for the pro.

Make sure you get the PRO lone not the club line as the club line has got cheaper leather, so wouldn’t recommend it.

Henri De Rivel Saddles


Henri De Rivel Saddles Brand

Every Henri de Rivel’s saddles are made by experts who give extra and well-detailed attention to detail.

These experts are a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, offering riders world-class European designs in the finest contemporary leathers.

Rides all over the world can trust Henri de Rivel’s saddles to continuously outperform the competition.

The Henri de Revel line also includes a selection of saddler and bridles accessories handcrafted with the same meticulous and unmatched attention to detail that perfectly matches their line of saddles.

Henri De Revel Saddles Review

Henri de Rivel Memor-X Close Contact Saddle | Color – Australian Nut

This is labeled as the best HDR saddle of all time and for good reasons.

The Carmel Jump saddle is the most comfortable one I have ever used. I rode in this saddle for 8 hours straight and didn’t feel the slightest inch of soreness. It was like riding a cloud!

It is quality made with buttery soft yet leather is grippy to keep you in the seat.

A bonus they failed to mention is that the knee rolls are also produced from memory foam!

This saddle cannot be beaten at this price! You’ll be in heaven when you swing your leg over.


The leather is soft and supple

The knee rolls are a little large and support your knee nicely


It lacks interchangeable gullet.

If you aren’t looking for an addle with an interchangeable gullet, you should give this a trial.

I really do recommend this saddle as long as you’re not looking for an interchangeable gullet!

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Henri de Rivel HDR Pro Lexus Dressage Saddle

This is the second Henri De Rivel saddle discussed here for its features.


Suede seat

Leather is really nice quality

Fits my round 10h pony well


It is heavier than expected, with iron’s and leathers that are too heavy for my 2-year-old to lift.

The seat could use some more cushion

I can see that the stirrup leathers will slip out of the stirrup bars with ease. There is no means to lock them but I guess that’s for safety.

Summary:  I tried it on my pony and she liked it. SO far, it seems to be of good quality as I have been enjoying rides with it.

You can also buy the HDR Oakbark mini leathers and 3.5 peacock irons with it. Together, they make a cute setup.

Henri de Rivel Club HDR Close Contact English Saddle | Horse Riding Equestrian Saddle

Personally, every review I have come across on this saddle has vouched that it is of good quality.

Here are some of its features:

Available in Oak Bark printed leather

Available in wide and regular trees

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Lifetime warrantied injection-molded polymer tree |Padded flap| Hunt seat

Concealed pencil knee roll

Nylon reinforced billet straps

What’s your view on Henri De Revel’s saddles, what’s your experience with them?