History of the Budyonny Horse

Budyonny Horse

The Budyonny horsewas named after Marshal Budyonny, one of the most famous Bolshevik cavalry commanders of the Russian Civil War (1918-1920).

History of the Budyonny Horse

The Budyonny was created originally to produce enduring cavalry horses to compensate for losses sustained during the 1st World War. It was done through a very selective breeding program of crossing the Don and Chernomor mares with Thoroughbred stallions.

The Anglo-crosses infused with some Arabian were again crossed back to Thoroughbred stallions. The Budyonny was refined in later years, developing an elegant type of horse with stamina and endurance beyond question and yet maintaing a calm, sensible temperament.

The Budyonny is known to perform well in dressage, cross country and jumping. From the beginning they have been developed through selection and grueling testing on the racetrack and on cavalry equitation courses.

A horse of multiple talents emereged. Years later the need for the sport horse brought about the refined horse that we know today as the golden horse.

The inherited sheen appears on not just the stallions, but mares and geldings as well.

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Budyonny Horse

80 per cent of Budyonny’s are chestnut although they come in black and bay also. They stand from 16hh to 17hh and are well-balanced and compact.

Deych is a good example of the Budyonny, displaying extreme intelligence, calm temperament while maintaining elegance. The three don’t often appear in one package.

Deych has been trained to Grand Prix level (not shown) but injury has prevented him from more serious competition.


He will be a versatile sire to cross for many purposes as well as refinement. Special consideration will be given to mares with competition records or outstanding athletic abilities.

This includes dressage, three-day, jumping, endurance and driving.