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Horses VS Dogs Intelligence – Which is Smarter?

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The debate of which animal is smarter: horses or dogs, has gone on for centuries. With stories, legends, and histories surrounding the two animals, we have long recognized the intelligence of both. Though arguments for both sides are hard to quantify, let’s take a look at the facts and evaluate the intelligence of horses and dogs comparatively. Let’s explore Horses vs Dogs Intelligence.

Cognitive Intelligence

When evaluating animal intelligence, cognitive intelligence is typically the first aspect to analyze. Processes such as thinking, problem solving, memory, and communication are all important elements of cognitive intelligence.

Dogs excel in this area due to their history of domestication and close relationship with humans over thousands of years. Dogs are capable of understanding complex commands, can form strong memories, and are able to reason through problems.

Horses are not as cognitively adept as dogs due to their lack of domestication and ability to be trained. While horses can memorize, they are not as adept as dogs when it comes to understanding complexities.

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Short Term Memory

Recent research suggests that horses may actually have a better short-term memory than dogs. A recent study conducted by the Leipzig University in Germany evaluated the short-term memory of both horses and dogs. They found that horses were able to remember the locations of certain objects and recall them after a period of 30 seconds. Dogs, however, were unable to remember as much after the same amount of time.

Long-term Memory

When it comes to long-term memory, many believe that the same principles for short-term memory apply. That is, that horses are able to remember things for a long period of time and recall them after a period of time.

Horses and dogs are both known for their strong memories, though horses may have an edge in this area. Horses have been known to remember certain people, places, and objects for the entirety of their lives. While a dog’s long-term memory is strong, it is not as prevalent as a horse.

Ease to Train

Horses and dogs have some exciting similarities as well as differences when it comes to training. Both animals respond best to positive reinforcement methods, like providing tasty treats, gentle guidance, obedience games, and lots of affection. But that’s where the similarity comes to an end. Horses are large, powerful creatures that need a lot of patience in order to learn commands and behavior patterns. While the basics, like leading on a halter and recognizing the sound of its owner’s voice, can be learned relatively quickly, other skills, such as riding and competition preparation, require more time and dedication before the horse is considered totally “trained.”

Along with time, horses need more space in order to properly train them. Horses have to be properly conditioned and have routine exercise sessions, meaning that they need an area to run that’s large enough to accommodate the size and speed of the animal. Proper diet and grazing land are also important for horses, because they need a balanced supply of nutrients and water in order to stay healthy.

On the other hand, dogs are much smaller creatures and typically require far less time and space to train. Basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come” can easily be taught, and just a few short training sessions are typically all it takes for a dog to learn new tricks. Of course, as with anything, the more time and effort you’re willing to invest, the better your results will be. Nonetheless, training a dog often involves far less time and space than what’s needed for a horse.

Ultimately, the ease of training between horses and dogs really depends on how much a person is willing to devote to the process. A horse requires much more physical commitment than a dog does, and anyone interested in training either animal should bear this in mind.

Horses VS Dogs Intelligence – The Winner

It is clear from the evidence that horses are smarter than dogs when it comes to intelligence. Horses can be trained to respond to a wide range of commands that require them to analyze situations and develop solutions.

Furthermore, they show the ability to anticipate and remember cues, something that dogs cannot do. Hence, when comparing the intelligence of Horses Vs Dogs, horses come out on top with their superior problem solving abilities.

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