How Long Can A Horse Live With EPM? & Fix

How long can a horse live with EPM? To answer this, lets first find out the meaning of EPM.

EPM also known as Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis is a serious equine disease that can be extremely hard to diagnose.

The symptoms of the EPM is quite similar to the vast number of other horse health challenges. Plus, symptoms and signs may differ from horse to horse.

In some horses symptoms are quite severe, while in the rest they are quite mild.

How Long Can A Horse Live With EPM?

It is hard to estimate how long a horse will live with the disease, and surviving with EPM is not the aim of any serious horse owner would look for.

It is important that the moment you notice any possible signs of this particular neurological disease, you reach out to your vet, get a diagnosis and comment treatment immediately.

Note: Each horse responds uniquely to treatment, but the quicker you can get a diagnosis and start aggressive treatment, the better your horse’s chance of recovery.

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What Will The Vet Do?

Your veterinarian will carry out a full neurological examination.

He or she may also need to carry out a blood test and take a cerebrospinal fluid sample.

Treatment and procedures can be quite expensive, but they may save your horse life.

Based on the results of the testing and exam, your vet will come up with a working treatment plan.

Treatment involves a combination of complementary treatment and drugs.

Both anti-inflammatory and anti-protozoal drugs may be prescribed.

In addition, your vet may recommend that you supplement your horse’s feed with vitamin E or CBD oil as an antioxidant.

Vitamin E is also well known in supporting the healing of nervous system tissue.

How Long Can A Horse Live With EPM

Are There Any Complications Or Side Effects?

The use of EPM drugs can negatively alter your horse iron levels. All through the treatment, your vet will want to keep an eye out on your horses white blood cell count, iron levels and platelet count.

There are certain rare complications related to the use of the antiprotozoal drugs. For instance, fertility may be affected in stallions.

Mares that are pregnant may also suffer some pregnancy complications, and unborn foals may be at danger.

While your equine is receiving proper treatment, you should stay close to her and keep in contact with your vet. Report any behavior changes and symptoms you notice.

Be most vigilant about side effects like acute equine diarrhea.

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How Long Does Treatment Take?

Amazingly, the period of treatment is rather short if you think of the condition seriousness.

Generally, a horse affected may take FDA approved antiprotozoal drugs for a duration of a month.

Depending on the seriousness of the case and what drug type is used, treatment can take up to 9 months.

We hope we have been able to answer your question – How long can a horse live with EPM? Kindly comment below your views/thoughts.