How Long Does It Take to Put Weight on a Horse?

how long does it take to put weight on a horse

It takes a horse only a few weeks to lose weight, but can go from several months to years to gain it back.

Additionally, you should try adding some Beet pulp into their diet. I had great results with weight gain after trying beet pulp.

The first step to a god weight gain is getting their teeth floated, so he/she can get the best nutrients from what they are consuming, and getting him wormed, so the food he’s actually eating GOES to him.

I tried a program of Beet pulp, Weightbuilder and a small fraction of sweet food, and finished it with all the hay he could eat and 5 months later, you can’t see his ribs at all. Free choice hay – as much as they can eat is extremely important.

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Note: Horses aren’t mean’t to be “Fat-BALLS”, It’s just something humans have been breeding them to look like. Plus, not all breeds are meant to be fat.

how long does it take to put weight on a horse

For example, Slender breeds aren’t meant to be fat, they are mean’t to be a little ribby, otherwise their little thin legs would weaken and be under a lot of stress. Lastly, they may lose weight over winter, so keep an eye out.


Horses wear weight uniquely and can look somewhat ribby but have adequate weight elsewhere. Personally, I focus my attention on their spine, hips as an indication of weight.

For worming, I use Quest Plus.


For best result, try beet pulp, ricebran and alfalfa feeding mix – You can purchase Triple Crown Complete because it already contains those pellet or you can mix your own. It also does wonders for hard keeper. Rice Bran can be a dry or oil mix, which I tried.

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How Long Does It Take to Put Weight on a Horse?

It really depends on a variety of factors – Current condition and age being the two most important ones.

The best place to begin is by booking an appointment with a good professional equine veterinarian who can evaluate the horse’s condition and guide you in the best course of action.


For a young and healthy horse, weight gain can be achieved within a few weeks, but it should not be over fed o the horse gains weight too quickly.

For an old horse, weight gain should be attempted gradually, so as not to affect its endocrine or other body systems. If the horse has been neglected, you should approach weight feeding slowly.

Lastly, you should ask yourself the importance of weight gain to the horse, calculate the base line nutritional and caloric needs of the horse according to its weight, size, age, and slowly increase good quality feed and hay plus supplements aimed to correct the evaluated conditions.

How long does it take to put weight on a horse? Tell us of your experience.