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How Many Alfalfa Cubes Equal a Flake of Hay?

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How many alfalfa cubes equal a flake of hay? This is a question you may find yourself thinking if you have decided to start feeding your horse alfalfa cubes over flakes of hay. This question is a hard question to answer as as you probably know not every flake of hay is the exact same size as well as different brands of Alfalfa cubes being different sizes.

The Answer …

The answer to how many alfalfa cubes equal a flake of hay varies depending on what brand of Alfalfa cubes you go for as a horse owner. We believe you should feed your horse based on weight of feed and not volume or how many cubes there is. This is because research studies have shown that measuring food by volume (i.e., cubes or pellets) often leads to either under or overfeeding

That being said you should weigh your usual flake of hay and then weigh out a number of Alfalfa cubes to match the weight of the flake of hay. The alfalfa cubes should be dry when you weigh them.

So ultimately the answer to the question of how many alfalfa cubes equal a flake of hay? It depends on the weight!

What are Alfalfa Cubes?

Alfalfa cubes are quite simply cubes that are made up of alfalfa hay.

Alfalfa cubes are a convenient way to give your horse all the benefits of alfalfa without having to deal with hay. They are less messy than loose hay, and they can be stored easily anywhere. If you’re looking for a healthy and convenient way to feed your horse, alfalfa cubes are a great option.

Health Benefits of Alfalfa Cubes

Protein – Alfalfa cubes are high in protein, which is essential for muscle development and repair.

Fiber – Alfalfa cubes are also high in fiber, which helps keep the digestive system healthy and can help prevent colic.

Vitamins & Minerals – Alfalfa cubes are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Anti-Inflammatory – Alfalfa cubes have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial for horses with arthritis or other joint problems.

Antioxidants – Alfalfa cubes are rich in antioxidants, which can help protect horses from cell damage and the effects of ageing.

Our Favourite Alfalfa Cubes …

Ernst Grain’s Stampede Alfalfa Cube

Our favourite Alfalfa cubes at are Ernst Grain’s Stampede Alfalfa Cubes. We love these because they are certified as non genetically modified and 100% natural.

These cubes are peak harvested and then left to dry naturally in the sun. These alfalfa cubes can be fed to your horse straight from the bag or soaked in water, the choice is yours.

When fed as the sole forage food source to your horse be sure to feed at least 10 pounds or more per horse per day. If your horse is currently eating hay in answer to the question above of how many alfalfa cubes equal a flake of hay, with Ernst Grain’s the weight of hay should be equally substituted with the weight of these cubes.

Ernst Grain also market that each bag contains the same nutritional content so you can be sure of what exactly your feeding your horse at all times.

What is a Flake of Hay?

How Many Alfalfa Cubes Equal a Flake of Hay?

A flake of hay is a rectangular shaped hay bale which is made using the baling process. Baling is the process of cutting, drying and then tying up hay for easier transportation. A flake of alfalfa hay normally weighs around 5lbs.

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