How Many Alfalfa Cubes Equal a Flake? See More

Is your feed store out of alfalfa hay for a long time? Is the drought causing this, or the Covid-19 issue is causing them to get the hay out of state and they’re facing certain challenges?

You might need to use alfalfa pellets until they can get more. So, here come’s the question – How many alfalfa cubes equal a flake?

It is only normal to ask this question if you’ve been feeding your mare with one flake of alfalfa hay twice daily.

So, you want to know how many alfalfa pellets would equal the same amount of a normal flake?

How Many Alfalfa Cubes Equal a Flake?

It largely depends on how heavy your flakes are, if they are about 5lbs (I think that’s the default flake size) they feed 5lbs of flake or pellet.

If she isn’t on regular or pasture, it would be best to feed your horse alfalfa cubes because the pellets aren’t long stem forage and won’t help keep her gut working the usual way actual hay will.

if you can only get the pellets then try to get some other type of hay(bales, cubes, or chopped) in addition to the pellets.

How Many Alfalfa Cubes Equal a Flake

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Note: We advise that you always use the concept of a pound of forage as a pound of forage no matter its form.

A pound of cubes is the same as a pound of baled forage or a pound of pellets. We advise that animals be fed by weight and not by volume.

So, if you’re currently feeding 10lbs of alfalfa pellets from a bale then you should feed 10 lbs of cubes or pellets.

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