How Much Beet pulp to Feed Horses? – Find Out

How Much Beet pulp to Feed Horses

How Much Beet Pulp to A Horse?

Beet pulp is the fibrous material that remains after most of the sugar is removed from the sugar beet.

After processing, it has high water content and is prone to mold, so it dries for storage.

Dried beet pulp is available in a crushed or granulated form.

How Much Beet Pulp To Feed Horses?

A feed rate of 4 pounds of beet pulp per day is quite enough.

A regular ratio for a mature horse that was maintaining its current body weight would result in a gain of approximately ½ pound per day.

Hitherto, you can adjust your feeding schedule consequently by adding pulp beets to your horse’s diet.

Beet Pulp is fed as a digestible fiber supplement for a horse’s fiber or forage needs.

The dried beet pulp can be incorporated into quality horse feed as a source of digestible fiber and significantly reduce the sugar starch content of the horse’s feed.

Beetroot pulp is an excellent ingredient for all-around horse feeding, where no hay or a limited amount of hay or grass is fed.

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Examples of high-quality food based on beet pulp;

• Triple Crown Senior.
• Triple Crown Complete,
• Triple Crown Growth, and Legends Racing.

Also, all Triple Crown and Legends Horse foods contain added beet pulp.

Dried beet pulp weighs 0.6 pounds per US dry quart, so a 2-quart tablespoon contains approximately 1.2 pounds.

Some guidelines to follow when adding beet pulp to complement the regular feeding program

(meaning the horse is already receiving at least 0.5% of its body weight per day from a fortified horse feed)

Pros and Cons of Feeding Horses Beet Pulp

1. Feeds that are no more than 2 pounds of dried beet pulp daily to a growing pony or horses less than a year of age.

2. Feed no more than 4 pounds of dried beet pulp daily to an immature horse 1 to 3 years of age, and,

3. Feed no more than 6 pounds of dried beet pulp daily to a mature horse (1,200-pound body weight).

In summary, beet pulp is an excellent dietary supplement and as well as a substitute for low-quality forage or fiber as a poor quality replacement for hay and older horses with problems chewing or digesting grass.

The digestible energy content of beet pulp is more exceptional than hay and less than grain.

Can a horse founder on beet pulp?

Consider a beet pulp-based feed if you want to add beet pulp to your horse’s diet but don’t want the extra labor or provide a low-sugar, starchy feed.

Beetroot pulp is an excellent source of digestible fiber and is an ingredient in high-quality, complete feed for horses.

Are available-based foods beet pulp in lines Triple Crown and Legends, and these foods do not have to be soaked before feeding as beet pulp is already hydrated.

In Summary

Beet pulp should be soaked before feeding and should only be soaked early enough for a single feeding.

Limit the amount of beet pulp fed due to its high calcium content, to avoid development problems in young horses, enteroliths in mature horses, and kidney stones in older horses.