How Much Does a Roll of Hay Cost? in 2023

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Feeding is both essential to man and animal. As regards hay, it is solely meant for livestock like horses (mainly), cows and cattle, sheep, and goats. Without this, their sources of food will be somewhat incomplete.

To save the cost and stress of getting it occasionally, it is ideal to purchase hay in bulk. Here, you will have to purchase a bale of it.

Approaching a wholesaler or ordering it online for shipping are the only ways to get this done. Therefore, the price tag is needed to determine your purchase quantity. Let us walk you through this. Come with me!

How Much Does A Roll Of Hay Cost?

A roll of hay goes for $109, while that contains Alfalfa is around $143. However, the price of a bale or roll of hale is based on the type, size, location, whether it contains Alfalfa or not, among several other factors.

The small square hays are also available for purchase. An average one with grass hay, which does not contain Alfalfa, is $6, while it is $9; alfalfa-contained. It also depends on the weight and size.

Small square hays are suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Since they are small, it will be good to include them in their daily diet. To source more nutrients and fasten growth.

Hay Bale Prices By Ton

A ton of hay in bale should be within the range of $30 to $300, depending on the type, size, quantity, location, harvest location, and quality.

It becomes pricey when you want yours to have either Bermuda grass or Alfalfa. Below is a breakdown of hay bale prices by a ton.


Hay Quality

Bale Type

Lowest Price By A Ton

Highest Price By A Ton

Average Price

Prime Large Round


$275 $195
Prime Large Square $85 $280 $216
Prime Small Square $205 $280 $243

First Grade

Large Round




First Grade

Large Square




First Grade Small Square




Second Grade

Large Round




Second Grade

Large Square




Third Grade

Large Round




Third Grade

Large Square




How To Get Hay Bales At Affordable Prices

There are variants for purchasing pocket-friendly, ergonomic, and cheap hay bales. Either you directly deal with a farmer or buy it in bulk.

Sellers will always give your purchase some percentage on discount whenever you buy in bulk. On the other hand, you can also visit farmers’ forums, where you can get at an affordable price above $5. Hay Exchange makes more of this come alive.

Is High-Quality Hay Expensive?

High-quality hay is not as pricey as low-quality hay because you need not get other supplements to source nutrients and nutritional requirements. Unlike the low-quality, you will need to get more supplements to meet your livestocks’ health needs.

The most expensive hay is dairy hay, regardless of the type and quantity. And this is because it contains a high percentage of protein and other nutrients, which will need no supplement.

How Much does a Roll of Hay Cost

Is It Cheaper To Buy Hay Or Make It?

You save cost when you buy hay than making or producing it. Many forage production is based on natural rainfall, which is timely. However, farmers still doubt that buying hay is cheaper than making it.

If you are to think about it, the cost of production for keeping and planting hay is higher than purchasing it. Both low and high operations cannot be compared to purchasing hay.

Where To Buy It?

You can purchase any hay of your choice at Tractor Supply Company, Fleet Farm, Agri-Supply, farm stores, local landscaping nursery, Earl May Nursery, Garden Center, Walmart, retail stores, Target, etc. home improvement centres

However, pricing is based on the size of hay, quantity, type, location, and several other reasons. It would help if you considered these essential areas before selecting your mode of purchase.

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Factors That Influence Round Hay Bale Cost

It is always uneasy to decide the cost of a round hay bale or whatever size of hay if you are running it for the first time. Below are the significant factors affecting the price or cost of a round hay bale and a general view.

  • Type of hay
  • Location
  • Climate
  • Quality of hay
  • Season of purchase
  • Demand

Type Of Foliage

Foliage type has a significant influence on the price of hay. Although it seems less complicated or easy to make hay bales, its variations, such as Alfalfa hay, Bermudagrass, legume, and timothy hay, have different nutritional benefits and percentages.

How Much Does A Large Toll Of Hay Cost?

A significant toll of hay is between $45-$300. It does not have a fixed price. Pricing is solely based on the quality you want, where you reside, the type of hay, and the grade. Nevertheless, large toll hay should not cost below 45 bucks.

How Much Does A Roll Of Hay Weigh?

600 to 1,400 Ibs is the weight ratio for a roll of hay, while its length is between 50” to 72”. As for the small and large square bale, go for 40-60 Ibs and 1,700-2,000 Ibs, respectively. As for lengths, they are 16 inches by 18 inches by 36 inches and 48 inches by 48 inches by 96 inches, respectively.

There are two known shapes as far as hays are concerned: the square and round shapes. The square-shaped is not always as heavy as the round shape, as it is either large or small in size.

It is not difficult to handle squared hays, while the round shapes need equipment or a bale attached to a tractor.

How Much Does A Big Roll Of Hay Weigh?

The weight is within 563 to 1,584 pounds; it is always weightier than the square shape bale, either three-string or two. Sometimes, you get even to meet a big roll of hay weighing more than 816 kg, 1,584 pounds.

How Much Is A 1200 Pound Bale Of Hay Worth?

Considering pivotal factors like the time used in planting this, stacking it to livestock, along with the cost of essential nutrients baling, and bale-per-round for a 1,200-pound of hay will be valued around $38 at max.

How Much Is An Acre Of Hay Worth?

Without estimating its value with the inclusion of weather risk cost, hand cost of harvest, $800 is the price of an acre of hay.

Looking at the yields and some factors that can influence soil type, kind of hay, and region, you should be getting, at most, 5 tons in a whole season.

How Much Does Hay Cost Per Field?

Depending on the type of hay you want to purchase, there is no fixed price for its sales. It is between $80-$300. Alfalfa is pricier than others, and dairy hay and denser; your preference is a determinant.

What Equipment Do You Need To Handle Bales Of Hay?

You can get a full grasp of bales of hay by making use of a utility tractor, a robust compact plus a sophistic cutter, and a baler whenever you want to harvest your hay.

How Much Does A Horse Eat In A Day?

Research has it that a large percentage of horses eat just 2% of their total body weight per day. Hence, you would determine how much if you know what your horse weighs.

Are Round Hay Bales Safe For Horses?

It is not endangering or unhealthy for horses to consume if you can adequately store your round hay bales. Bacterias are bounce to spring up if they are not stored well.

How Many Bales Of Hay In A Ton?

You will realize 20 bales in a ton as far as hay is concerned. On the other hand, some can either be 16 or 25, and those are feed store ton, or semi holds for trucks.

How Much Does A Grain Of Rice Weigh?

0.021 grams remain the actual weight of a grain of rice. Feeding our horses with rice gives them more energy than hay alone. Ensure they do not consume more than 2 pounds per day.

Is Rice Good For Horses?

There are several benefits attached to giving horses rice. Still, the topmost of all is that it gives, especially performing horses, the actual amount of calories needed for their athletic prowess.

What Happens If You Leave Round Hay Bales Outside?

There is something called dry matter content that helps keep the state of hay; this thing gets dried up if exposed outside for too long.

How To Store Hay For Horses?

Ensure you do not keep your hays on the ground, it is either you make gravel to keep them or set rock pads. Put away the ruined ones caused by weather by giving them out to local farmers rather than just disposing of them.

How Much Do You Feed A Horse Per Day?

The rule is to feed your horse between one and a half or 2% of their entire body weight, be it dry matter-based feed or not.

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