How Much Force Does a Horse Kick With? 2000 PSI?

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Horses are magnificent creatures that are as strong as they are beautiful. Their strength and muscle make their legs extremely powerful.

How Much Force Does a Horse Kick With?

A horse’s kick can exert from zero to over 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Also, very few people walk around with backpressure monitoring equipment with the possibility of a horse kicking them!

Can a horse kick kill you?

A horse’s kick can pack the punch of a small car and severely injure a person who is too close.

It can even prove fatal in certain circumstances, and it can all happen in seconds.

It is imperative to be alert to warning signs and to be safe when near any horse.

Possible Injuries From Horse Kicks

A horse’s kick is mighty and can cause serious, even fatal injury.

Many riders have experienced broken bones, grave hoof injuries, and even cardiac arrest if the kick landed on their chest.

It is also very possible to suffer head injuries that can be fatal if the impact was extreme.

Many people have lasting effects from horse kick-related injuries and need long-term care to heal from them.

Ask any experienced rider about the horror stories they have experienced due to horse kicking;

There will be possible kick-related injuries that can occur if you are not careful with the horses.

Most horses that are used to being around people are not violent towards them, but even a horse used to people has the potential to kick if they feel threatened.

The best way to keep yourself and others close to horses safe is to respect your limits and recognize possible triggers to avoid dangerous accidents.

How Much Force Does a Horse Kick With

Reasons A Horse Could Kick A Person

Horses generally use their hooves to kick as a defense line to keep away potential threats and warn of something closing.

Just because a horse kicks don’t mean it’s inherently aggressive, but if it’s aimed at someone or something, it feels threatened.

A horse can also feel a little nervous or excited, like when you drop it in the pasture, and it can kick as an expression of its emotion.

If you are standing too close, you may accidentally be in the line of fire.

A horse could even accidentally kick a person while trying to kick another horse or animal.

Sometimes, however, their kicks will be specifically aimed at one thing. In these cases, the reasons may vary.

The Warning Signs A Horse Is About To Kick

A horse will display some vital warning signs before continuing with a kick. A telltale sign that a horse is feeling threatened or frustrated is immobilized ears.

Usually, a happy and contented horse keeps its ears up. When their ears are pinned back against their head, that is a sign that they feel uneasy and are getting upset.

They can also repeatedly wave their tails. If they continue to feel threatened, they will shift their weight to one leg and lift the other in preparation for a kick.

It is crucial to recognize these simple signs to avoid a kick, if possible, one quick way to stop an apparently imminent kick and divert the horse’s attention away from the situation.

The horse will have to lower the leg to walk, and it may be enough to stop the kick.

Protect Yourself

Wear a helmet, even if you only work on the ground

These helmets can help lessen the impact of a kick and possibly prevent fatal injury.

Many riders will only wear helmets when riding, but head injuries are possible even on the ground.

In addition to the risk of a kick, horses can hit with their front hooves and potentially hit your head.

Never get in a closed area with your horse if you can avoid it.

Standing behind a horse in a stable or in a closed trailer can be extremely dangerous if kicked.

Potentially, you could be trapped by them or seriously injured by crashing into a hard surface.

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