Is a Kimberwick Bit Harsh? Find Out!

Is a Kimberwick Bit Harsh

Is a Kimberwick bit harsh? Find out below!

What is a Kimberwick Bit?

A Kimberwick or Kimblewick bit is a form of curb bit that has a very mild curb action.

The Kimberwick bit features shanks, D shaped rings and hooks to attach a curb chain and is used with a pair of reins.

Kimblewicks can have various mouthpiece types: Straight, jointed or with a port.

Kimberwicks can also be seen with mullen, vulcanite, sweet iron or “Happy Mouth” mouthpieces.

Is a Kimberwick Bit Harsh?

A Kimberwick bit is only as harsh as the hands that hold the reins. If your hands are soft then the bit isn’t harsh. If you are always pulling or use your hands to balance yourself then it is harsh.

You should use a single set of reins on this bit and depending on how much leverage you desire will depend on where you attach them to the bit.

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Uxeter Kimberwick Bit

The Uxeter Kimberwick is a type of Kimberwick that has slots in the rings that allows the rein to be fixed in one position – this increases the curb or leverage effect.

There are often double slots in the rings of the Uxeter Kimberwick – the curb action is made larger when the rein is attached to the lower of the two ring slots.

When the reins are attached to the upper slots of a Uxeter Kimberwick the pressure placed on the horsie’s poll is smaller than when reins are attached to the lower ringslot.

is a kimberwick bit harsh

Using A Kimblewick Bit On A Horse Or Pony

The Kimblewick or Kimblewick is typically used for general riding activities.

It offers a mild curb action to help control a pony or horse that pulls or which needs help from a slight curb action to motivate it to lower its head.

When using a Kimberwick, the bit applies pressures to the bars of the mouth, causing leverage on the poll and the curb chain in response applies pressure to the chin.

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Pressure might also be applied to the roof of the pony’s or horse mouth if the bit has a port.

A Kimberwick bit allows the rider exert extra control of a pony or a horse than a snaffle bit.

This can be particularly more useful for children or smaller riders riding strong ponies or horses. Kimberwicks are seen most commonly being used in ponies.

The Kimblewick bit is not commonly used in the show ring and cannot be used in the dressage arena.

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