Is Actiflex 4000 for Humans Safe? Find Out!

actiflex 4000 for humans

Is Actiflex 400 for humans safe?

It depends. The ingredients in Actiflex 4000 are likely safe for humans. But, the product is marketed for horses and not for human consumption, So I cannot ethically recommend using it for that purpose.



Is Actiflex 4000 for humans Safe?

Humans are not horses, and horses are not cats, and you simply cannot extrapolate data between different species when it comes to how nutraceuticals/drugs work.

Here is a link to the New England Journal publication talking about oral supplements for humans. It’s old? Yes, but they made a fairly good attempt to examine carefully different products and whether they worked.

The conclusion was fairly good nor bad, IIRC, but there were some modest improvements among some subjects.

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actiflex 4000 for humans

If you are in your twenties and your joints are already hurting from constant horse riding, chances are it’s almost certainly NOT osteoarthritis, which is the disorder studied in the article above. Achy joints are not arthritis in a large number of group of people.

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That said, some people will swear by these products just like they do when they use them on its own, because it works, often because achy joint is a condition that appear and disappears, gets better on its own, etc.

Now, I’m not saying that there is no potential benefit to these products, but as to “which is best for fixing achy joints” that is really a matter of trial and error. They are generally said to be harmless, so maybe simply buy online or head over to your local store (You’d most likely find an ENTIRE AISLE dedicated to these products, a clear-sign that it is a billion-dollar industry) and select one to try.