Is English or Western Riding More Expensive? -Learn More!

Is English or Western Riding More Expensive

Western Riding is more expensive considering the tack, showing, lessons, apparel and boarding etc.

Also, I believe it depends on what level of showing you intend to achieve. There’s lots of English riding shows that can cost you close to $2000 in only entry fees, and I’ve heard and seen Western show clothes that costs that high.

Additionally, trainer fees are unique. In fact, anything is only as expensive as YOU make it.

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As earlier stated, eventing can cost the most. 3 disciples, and some riders go on to have 3 different coaches, 3 different clothes, 3 different saddles, etc.

Is English or Western Riding More Expensive

Is English or Western Riding More Expensive?

Truth remains that whichever one you are currently doing will most likely be the costliest. There will always be another grooming tool, another piece of tack, another pair of boots or saddles that you “need” to purchase. Your trainer will always ask that you come for more practices.

You will always be faced with a weak area that needs more work.

From experience, the Western barns in my area often have lower training/lessons fees than the English barns. But, according to most people I have met and as earlier said, showing attire is more expensive in the Western world.

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Honestly, the disciplines in each category you compare matters too.

Plus, the Western equipment (bridle, Saddle, etc.) are more expensive than English riding. I guess the saddles are sold by the pound, haha.

On the other hand, coaching fees are quite comparable between the two, depending on your level and country of residence, but comparable level in the same area-pretty similar.

Is English or Western riding more expensive? Western cost a lot more than English saddles. Tell us of your experience using either. We are more than happy to hear of your journey with either of these.