Is Reining Hard on Horses? Find Out

Is reining hard on horses, is an all too common question among riders who care for their pet’s health.

Yes, reining is hard on their joints and causes mild/serious arthritis later when they are ridden a lot. A friend once had two finished reiners. One gets stiff and sore when ridden frequently, like when she was at western pleasure trainer for 6 months with no turnout and workouts on daily, she was always stiff and sour.

I would recommend getting a trainer as reining is very hard on joints.

Is Reining Hard on Horses?

Yes! While reining can become hard on a horses joints. It really does not have to be. A well-bred, quality and well conformed horse bred to rein and trained and condition properly and well maintained will have little to no problems at all. But, a horse that is over used hard and not worked out properly and lacking the best conformation for reining can and probably will have problems.

There are testimonies of people having reiners who have nit suffered any serious joint issues even in their 20’s. But these horses where all well cared for and worked properly all their lives.

Is Reining Hard on Horses

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Like any training/discipline, it still comes down to how early a horse started and how hard a horse trained for. This goes for reining, jumping, western pleasure, dressage, or whatever. I’ve seen a lot of aged reiners that do not require injections and are 100% fine and sound.

Something you should totally avoid is pushing a horse past the point where it is conditioned for the work. Ensure you understand and respect the horse capabilities (both physical level of exertion and skill) and don’t push it beyond what it can take and you’ll avoid potential injuries.

Lastly, there are lots of reining trainers who just administer adequate injections per month. Some trainers start the horses too young, which can be a contributing factor. I would never advise anyone buy an aged reiner unless of course, you have the best vet in town as your best friend.

Is reining hard on horses? You know the answer to that already.