Is Tryptophan Legal in Horse Shows? Learn More

Is Tryptophan Legal in Horse Shows

Is tryptophan legal in horse shows or not? Before we get to that, let’s learn what Tryptophan really is.

Tryptophan is an amino acid present in protein so if you feed grains to your horse; he or she is already getting some of that.

If your equine is often tensed or has too much energy, it is always best to allow him blow off some energy before you ride, or check his diet to ensure it isn’t too rich for a stalled horse.

Rich feeds can make your horse become hyper acting if he or she has no engagements or place to release it.

Is Tryptophan Legal in Horse Shows?

First, Tryptophan is not on the USEF banned list but Valerian is. So, it is legal in horse shows.

Secondly, do they run urine test at any of the shows you plan to go to? If not, drug testing isn’t taken serious there.

Check out your association rules, if Tryptophan is listed a banned drug (but I highly doubt it will be listed because it is safe and perfectly legal to use).

Many small clubs do not follow the bigger equestrian association rules but instead have their own and don’t have detailed lists of banned substances.

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Note: Simply because a drug test wasn’t conducted doesn’t necessarily mean a drug is illegal or legal. But USEF does not blacklist/ban Tryptophan because it is a naturally occurring substance in the body so it can’t be accurately tested for.

Is Tryptophan Legal in Horse Shows

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My advice? You should be careful if you go out to purchase a tube of calming paste having trypophan as the primary active ingredient though because they could be in there alongside something that is banned, like valerian root as earlier stated.

So, Is Trytophan legal in horse shows? Absolutely! No problems whatsoever. Share your thoughts via the comment section below.