Kieffer Bridle Review – A Modern Bridle?

I admire the Kieffer bridle, lovely leather, smart and a nicely padded headpiece. I’ve got a full size on my ISH and it has lots of room in it for adjustment except the noseband. The noseband fits, there’s simply no room for adjustment because it only just fits.

I like the soft padded leather and brow band has inlaid metal that is simply enough detail, and not too bling for my taste.

I disliked adding a hole for the crank noseband to fit! Plus, it comes with web reins, which I’m not a fan of. I would love to have a nice quality set of leather reins.


Kieffer Bridle Review

Overall it’s a great quality and design, well-padded bridle, just not a perfect fit for all! It is made in Germany


It is cheap
Quality is great
Features a padded nose and browband.
The leather smells like magic
It comes with matching webbed/leather dressage reins


You might need to condition the bridle when you receive it. Mine was somewhat dry

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For the price I paid, you’d sure be getting amazing value.

This bridle quality is of great German quality. It has a padded browband and noseband. It boasts if removable flash and has stainless steel keepers/buckles. Even so the leather was dry when I received it. I do own the Diana dressage bridle that I bought from Dover and it was soft as a baby’s bum when I received it in the mail.
All Kieffer bridles come with *reins*.

Kieffer Bridle Review

How to Perform Kieffer Saddle Serial Number Search

Are you trying to find out how old your Kieffer saddle is?
Email Kieffer with the serial number and photos. or

For newer models, the first 2 digits are the year, second 2 are the month, the last number which is separate from the rest is the size, 1 for a size 1, 2 for a size 2 etc.

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Kieffer Bridle Reviews Summary:

In the end, the bridle from this brand is a great one and I highly recommend you buy one – for comfort, security and sturdiness.