M Toulouse Saddles Reviews [Trainers & Riders Opinions]

M Toulouse saddles are amongst the finest kind of horse saddles you can ever get for your equine this year.

Over the years, they are known for their ability to blend their first class world quality with the latest and best advances in saddle making at a remarkable value.

Boasting of a classic French designs, each M. Toulouse saddle is made up of the finest materials available, with high-end craftsmanship.

This is one of the reason the brand is famously common among riders who shop on eBay and Amazon.

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M Toulouse Saddles Review

As earlier stated, Marcel Toulouse saddles use a combination of classic lines alongside modern technology to produce a remarkable product that can be customized with ease to fit riders and horses of all sizes and shapes.

Toulouse offers wide saddle models options to meet your needs.


Looking for the best Toulouse saddles? Here are some reviews that could put you in the right direction:

Customer 1: I own the Toulouse Maxinne and I am over-satisfied with it (if that is even a word, haha). I bought in summer 2015 and I feel super stable in it.

It is extremely grippy and seems to fit my many horses. Plus, it sits quite well balanced on both wide and flat as well as lean and high-withered.

Before I bought this off eBay, I first went to Dover and sat in EVERY saddle they had at that time but couldn’t get one that is perfect for me and my horse. So, I decided to shop online and fell in love with it when I saw the Maxinne and knew right that was going to fit me.

Fast forward to when I got it and it really did fit me well. I put my leg in the right place and I was very balanced. It’s a hair deeper than I normally prefer and I took out the Velcro knee block (It has a large knee roll and I discovered that the knee block wasn’t doing me any good but creating too much bulk for me).

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As some people might say, it is always best to sit in some saddle and find what works for you (You might not be as lucky as I am). Plenty of my barn in used Antares, but Marcel Toulouse saddles are a second in how many rides are in them.

Personally, I haven’t seen any quality issues and their customer service is good.


Customer 2: I’ve owned two M.Toulouse saddles, the Celine and Annice. I haven’t had quality issue with any since day 1. I did sell off the Annice recently because I needed some quick cash. The Celine works much better for me to be honest. So, it all depends on the model as to whether or not if works for you.

M Toulouse Saddles

Customer 3: Picking a saddle that’s comfortable for you is a very personal thing. This is why I always go with my students to purchase a saddle to guide them into picking one that feels best to them in the store on trial for a week, and watching how they ride in it.

Besides, I have been teaching and training for 15 years and experience has taught me to try before paying. So far, the most popular and comfortable of the lesson saddles I own and use is a Toulouse. Because of this of this, more than 80% of the students I have taught have chosen a Toulouse as their own personal saddle.

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M Toulouse Saddles Review Summary:

My advice is that you do not purchase only a brand name. Sit in as many saddles as you can – ask you trainer or friends if you can try theirs. Pick more than one tack shop and sit in as many horse saddles as you can. Then decide on which one (s) to give a shot.

Even if you can afford only a used saddle, book an appointment with an experienced saddle fitter and listen to what he or she says about your positon and how a specific model affects that position. Plus, they can help you find a used Marcel Toulose saddle too. Then confer with your trainer on what he/she sees.

In the end, either you go for a M.Toulouse saddle or not, Know this- saddles are a big investment. You’re going to have this saddle for years. So take the time to do it right.

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