Does Mare Magic for Geldings Work for Calming Horses?

Mare Magic for geldings is a palatable, all-natural, herbal supplement containing raspberry leaves. It is great for mares with cranky or moody attitudes, hard cycles, or mares that seem nervous or uncomfortable and can also be used to induce a quiet disposition in geldings.

By toning the uterus and helping the reproductive tract. It makes mares more pleasant to work with and fun to own.

To administer, add a single scoop of Mare Magic to feed once per 24 hours. For best results, feed all year round.

Note: When feeding for the first time, give two scoops daily for the first 10 days. The 32 oz pack offers a single horse with up to 240-day supply. We do not recommend this for pregnant mares.

Mare Magic for Geldings Review

Do you want to find out what the Mare Magic calming supplement does? Read some interesting reviews below:

Customer 1:  My mare has been acting extremely moody since moving barns. We have had to keep her alone in her paddock because it was a disaster with another horse. She often pinned her ears at horses when they were clear across the arena. She has given humans any cause for concern, always tolerant.

But other horses got her mad to the point where she had to be stalled at the extreme end of the aisle with no horse next to her for fear she would kick right through the boards.

Funny enough, she’s also kinda herd bound and would call to them when in work. She’s older (20’s) and prone to injuries so we couldn’t get a boss mare to put her in her place safely.


A good friend of mine recommended Mare Magic and I did. It was a quick overnight change. She still calls to the other horses but only once or twice in an hour while riding.


Thanks to Mare Magic, she has stopped pinning her ears at all the other horses. She now allows being stalled next to another horse.

Customer 2: I totally suggest you give this supplement a go. It smells delicious and my mares smack them right up with no difficult whatsoever. Plus, you really cannot beat the price compared to other supplements out there.

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Mare Magic for Geldings Review

Customer 3: At first, I was doubting if this was going to work or not. Well, my doubts have been cleared! As it works!! This has worked wonders on my mare, who can be both challenging and pushy. She has become less “snotty” and more open to things I want her to do.

Magic Mare has helped her become more obedient and transformed her from an obstinate child to a more mature child.

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What does Mare Magic do for geldings? It helps calm them down and be of good behavior.

So, yes, Mare magic for geldings really works