Marwari Horse Price, Videos, Pics, History in 2022

Marwari Horse Price

Marwari got a fantastic look that calls for attention even without sounding among all horses’ breeds.

The ears alone are products of wonder. They are nicely made to touch each other at the tips in a curvy shape.

Its appearance uniquely and distinctly, being in existence for quite a long time without going into extinction, makes it span a couple of centuries with rareness, and its value is so much appreciated.

Then, Marwari was used more on the battlefield, but its value dropped since warships and jets were faster and better. Need more? Come along with me.

Marwari Horse Breed Information

This beautiful horse breed can be traced to the NorthWestern part of India, which is somewhat similar to the Kathiawar breed of Gujarat.

It possesses all Equine colors, including the rare ones like skewbald and piebald.

Over the centuries, it has shown a high level of royalty and strength during battles. It is either called Malani or Marwari horse.

After a while, Marwari seized to exist in high numbers, perhaps due to poor management and other related issues, not until recent times when the palms of time got her tight grip on her again.

There was a time that ban was placed on the exportation of Marwari, not until 2006 that a reversion occurred. So far, it has been a great deal for the money.

How Much Does A Marwari Horse Cost?

If you were to convert its price in India’s lakhs to dollars, a Marwari horse would be between $5,000 to $10,000.

However, it is not easy to get this breed in any other place outside India.

If you come across its sale in the United States, be sure to pay a tremendous amount of money.

All your expenses should be around five figures, if not more.

Marwari Horse Breed At A Glance


14-16 hands


25-30 years


Loyal, Energetic, Brave, Trainable, Friendly & Spirited


$5000-$15,000 (Rs. 8,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000)

Good for

Long-distance rides, ceremonial purposes, jumpers & parades


Male- 2365kg Female- 340kg

Body type

Sleek and slim

ColorPie bald, Chestnut, Dun, Flea-bitten grey, Dark Brown, Skewbald, Bay, Gray

Factors That Affect The Price Of Marwari Horse

When it comes to pricey products, animals, or anything in the market, their costs change occasionally.

Due to some specific uncontrollable influences. Here are some reasons and determining factors for the Marwari horse breed, known for its high price.

  • Age

Many purchases on this breed of horse are between ages 7-14 years, and the demand is always high.

This age bracket is just the prime time for this beautiful animal.

Anyone below this range should be available at a lower price.

Notwithstanding, you should not rule out the power of a horse, even if it is older than 14.

At 20, it can still run some hard work and heavy tax.

  • Breed

Top stallion, for instance, would be pricey on a purchase than any other one on this breed.

Breeds have a significant influence on the price of a breed.

  • Health Problem

It is ideal to purchase a horse that has been medically examined before you purchase or adopt.

It is nothing wrong if you get one with a health issue; the performance in trail riding and its use in recreational activities is assured.

  • Training

Training has various facets, and the rate becomes expensive if you want a specific or selected discipline.

If you want the depth of training, you will have to pay more than others who buy and train by themselves, the same thing if you want a trainer to work with you and the horse.

  • Competition Experience

An experienced horse would be more expensive than one who has not won any competition or partook in a race.

A horse that loves winning in show rings will have a bullish rate.

  • Reason For Sale

Several reasons will birth the sale of a horse, relocation, pregnancy, divorce, or something else. There might be insufficient time to take care of the horse’s well-being and purchase all needed kits.

The seller determines the price, but be calm and specific about your budget and affordability; there is always room for bargaining.

History Of Marwari Horse

From the Marwari region in Rajasthan, India, Marwari horses originated.

These horses were then crossed with the Arabians.

The Arabians got an entry due to their shipwrecked on the coast.

These horses were said to carry them back to their homes for those who got stocked or lost in the desert. And in the 16th century, the Marwari was used for cavalry horses.

On the other hand, these horses’ sensitivity will make them hear a sound of danger during battles.

One of the greatest advocates of this horse breed was Maharaja Umaid Singhji before his grandson took up the baton.

Color Making & Characteristics

This beautiful horse is bred in different colors such as;

  • skewbald,
  • piebald,
  • grey,
  • black,
  • palomino,
  • and chestnut.

Grey is the most expensive, while the favorites are piebald and skewbald.


Marwari’s skin is fragile and thin. Hence, you will need to attend and up bring it carefully.

Most especially during summer, more fly protector is needed to keep them off flies and bites along with nutritious and healthy food.


The Marwari horse is strong enough to live in any condition, even if the food is limited.

Since it is a rare breed, its nutritional information cannot be widely discussed.

The important thing is to ensure that you give your horse the right food with all the necessary balancer and supplements.

Marwari Horse

Why Are Marwari Horses Expensive

Based on the fact that Marwari is uneasy about purchasing, as it only resides in India, its value remains pricey.

The Marwari horse breed is barely exported from India, and you can only get it as a non-Indian if you can have a reach from the previously exported a few years ago.

What Is Marwari Or Malani?

The Marwari, also known as Malani, is a breed of horse with a special delivery on agility and endurance.

It is primarily known in India, where royal ceremonies are beautified with them, and battles in medieval were incomplete without it.

Is A Marwari Horse Suitable For A Novice Rider?

The high level of resistance in the Marwari horse and outstanding strength and agility are suitable for professional and novice riders.

When it comes to feeding and grooming, the Marwari horse would not be far from reach as well.

They can live in situations where food is limited or temporarily unavailable.

How Many Marwari Horses Are There In India

There are not many Marwari horses in other parts of the world, like Spain, Oman, the USA, and Pakistan.

Due to the ban placed on its exportation, over 1000 Marwari horses are scattered around the land of India.

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Marwari Horse?

It would be best to spend between $1.50-$6 every day.

It will be difficult to state an actual amount for the total feeding of the Marwari horse because the type of feed and the size of the horse determines that.

How Do You Feed A Marwari?

The best and ideal way to feed this unique breed of a horse without getting your pet into a problem or health issue is to allow it to move around as it wishes and anytime it wants.

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Horse A Month?

It will cost you between $4-$8 to feed a horse both hay and grain, rounding up to either $130 or $275 on the maximum to feed a horse for a month.

How Much Does A Marwari Horse Cost In India?

Converting the figures in lakhs to a more related currency, in dollars, precisely, will cost you within $5000 to $10,000 to purchase a Marwari horse in India.

How Many Different Horse Breeds Are There In India?

The Zanskar, the Bhutia, Spiti, and the Manipuri are the breeds of horse in India, while Arabian crossbreeds named Kathiawari and Marwari, which Mongolian horses make, are also on board as well.

How Many Marwari Horses Are There In The World?

There are just less than 5000 of these excellent horse breeds worldwide.

This was made possible due to an American horsewoman who shipped 6 of them to her place in 2000.

She restores a few numbers of them by taking care of them.

How Many Different Breeds Of Horse Are There In The World?

With up to 267 horse breeds worldwide, you get to select from firm, beautiful, and sturdy variations of ponies.

All of which are grouped into four categories:

  • light horse,
  • Thin legs,
  • Thoroughbreds,
  • Quarter horses,
  • Arabian
  • Morgan horses.

What Happened To The Marwari Horse?

The British who occupied India loved other breeds like the Thoroughbreds than the Marwari horse.

Hence, it has poor maintenance and even runs towards extinction, not until some horse lovers picked it up and dedicated their time to it.

What is A Marwari Wedding?

Marwari wedding is a grand occasion that occurs before or after wedding ceremonies, where rituals are carried out on a couple of days—primarily done in a region called Marwar in Sout Western India.