Mustang Soft Saddle Reviews – What Customers Think

Mustang Saddles Review

The Mustang soft saddle reviews here could help you decide if these soft ride saddles are perfect for you or not. But first, let’s learn about the company first.

The Mustang soft ride saddles improve your balance when riding, whether on a trail or it is around the pasture.

Additionally, it provides you a perfect blend of a soft shock-absorbing bareback pad with the added comfort of a form-fitted seat, that features a high rise cantle for additional support.

It is two in one i.e both versatile and lightweight to a lot of horse breeds and sizes,

its closed-cell foam will allow for a close contact ride with no painful pressure points for a horse or a rider.

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Mustang Soft Saddle Reviews


  • Simple to clean – just hose off and air dry
  • Stirrups are removable
  • Comes with adjustable grab handle
  • Features a stainless steel hardware
  • Has a high rise cantle

Customer Reviews

In this section, you will discover Mustang soft ride saddle reviews made by customers.

#Customer 1: Review

Hi, I am Elizabeth and I’m a natural horsemanship trainer that rides only on bareback pads and bitless.

I have clients that want to ride bareback but have safety limitations that only need stirrups.

This Mustang soft ride saddle has been the perfect FIX.

The horse enjoys spine and back muscles freedom, while the rider gets to feel more secure than on a bareback pad.

Two notes:

It DOES slide on round horses. It slid completely sideways on a client’s round mustang pony – landing my student on the floor. I use a super grip grith and will not proceed to add a thin grip saddle pad.

Coming from an English riding background, I’m only 70% pleased with the leg position the stirrups place the rider in.

It’s so close to right, but just enough to be noticeable to a trained rider. But, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. You learn to adjust your leg and seat to accommodate.

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Mustang Soft Saddle Reviews

#Customer 2: Review

This is actually the first synthetic tack saddle I have ever used and it made me happy to have tried something new.

I have been riding strictly English for jumper/hunter for 10 years straight but now enjoy trail riding a gaited horse with friends and family in whichever riding style makes sense!

We recently bought a kid-safe 13.1H Rocky Mountain pony who would rack all day if we let her.

#Customer 3: Review

I made extensive research before picking a saddle and this works great! I enjoy riding bareback around our summer trails and lake but desired stirrups and a tiny bit of structure to a bareback pad so I can go a longer distance easier without having to have a rigid tree inside.

The saddle can be easily mounted from the ground if the rider is not overweight and athletic enough to actually get your booty directly in line and under your knee rather than putting it behind it.

Personally, I use a rock, log, or step to get on and use the stirrups so I can post long distances and still feel bareback and get the additional work out.

I’ve owned this saddle for months now and I’m in love with it. It has held up so far.

It’s put together very well! Some people say the mounts and stirrup straps are bulky under the fender flaps but I honestly can’t notice it at all.

What I appreciate most is that the stirrups are really balanced and mounted correctly underneath your body so you can get the right position to go long distance and 3point. I highly recommend this one. Love it.

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Mustang Soft Saddle Reviews:  

Having read every comment on this Mustang soft ride saddle review, I would recommend it to you too. It’s worth the money