Royal King Saddles Review in 2022- Are They Worth the Price?

Royal King Saddles Review

In today’s Royal King saddles review, we’d be looking at the brand and the quality of their product line.

Royal King gear or saddles will meet all your needs.

You can pick from a variety of Royal King Barrel saddle designs to fit your riding style.

From show to trail, Royal King has got you covered.

Choose from a range of beautiful show halters or headstalls from Amazon or eBay.

Their prices too are unbeatable prices. For training, Royal King offers saddles that will fit the bill.

Royal King Saddles Review

The original Royal Kings were made in the USA, about 10-12 years ago they started making them in Pakistan/India.

So, the older ones are better quality and made better more than the newer ones.


While doing my research, I found out years ago (like the ‘80s and earlier) King Series, Royal King, and the Buffalo saddles were actually produced in the United States and were decent saddles.

Now, these brand names were brought out and are now on Asia/Pakistan/India imports.

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On forums, these saddles often get quite a large number of mixed reviews.

Some riders say they love theirs and others argue that they are cheap and not well made.

Royal King Saddles Review

In the USA, it is generally advised to avoid the whole JT International product line (King Series, Royal King, etc) when it comes to addles.

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From what I gather, there is a saddle called the “Cowboy Comfort” (model name.)

As far as I know, Royal King is J.T. International, and none of those use any American-made parts.

Ralide is a USA brand name for a polymer tree.

This site here says it’s a “5 years guaranteed polymer form fit comfort tree” but it does not actually refer to it as a Ralide tree.

(eta: Here is where I backed out the name from the model number given on that eBay saddle, same as you did.) polymer isn’t even a real word, you know.

I guess they meant “Polymer injection-molded saddle tree” which is an imitation of Ralide, not the genuine thing.
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Royal King Saddles Review Conclusion

My advice is to go for older models of this saddle line. Going for newer ones (unless they cost a lot) won’t last you that long.