[Real-Life Experiences] OF Ozark Saddle King of Texas Reviews In 2022

OF Ozark Saddle King of Texas Reviews

A friend owns an old Ozark Saddle King and it is very well-made.

Their old saddles were really great. From what I heard, their newer-made saddles aren’t all that good.

I heard they sold out to somebody who began producing them cheaply or something.

In the past, Saddle King of Texas has proven to be a top-dog and reliable saddle, back when they made use of rawhide trees,

but nowadays they make use of the same exact trees made by Ralide as those cheap Abetta saddles.

If you want longevity, go for the older models but if you are more focused on design and just-for-the-ride, you can go for the newer ones.

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saddle king of texas review

Ozark Saddle King of Texas Review

Manufacturer/Brand: Ozark Saddle King of Texas (Check out all products by Ozark Leather)

Model: Cordura Round Skirt Trail Saddle


Customer Review 1: 

While I was searching for Cordura saddles, I came across Scruggs Farms in Mississippi.

Plenty of choices so gave them a call and spoke to a nice and helpful employee.

I got one for less than $400.

Customer Review 2:

The best part for me is the saddle seat.

The 15-inch seat fit me 100% perfectly and was very snug, the stirrup length adjusts to my legs well.

I also lobe the floral tooling and the round skirt design which was what I was looking for.


This saddle king of Texas is comparable to a Big Horn Cordura or Abetta;

There is nothing that I do not like about this saddle.

Made from a very well-padded Cordura with pommel and horn; has front D’s; you gladly sink into the padded seat; the height is just about right.

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It has reinforced leather over web stirrup leathers.

Its padded stirrups are good too.

Ozark Saddle King of Texas Review Summary: 

I am surprised that many people do not review these saddles.

I’d totally recommend the saddle king of Texas who wants a round skirt Cordura to purchase over an Abetta because it has front D’s and it is nice and made to last you.