Saddle King Saddles Reviews In 2022- American Made

Saddle King Saddles Reviews

Before we proceed, know this – Saddle King saddles is a different company than King Series.

Saddle king makes a good basic saddle, American Made while King series are cheap imported synthetic saddles.

Now, Let’s move on in this Saddle king saddles review.

Saddle King Saddles Review

Customer 1 Review:

I like that these are decent saddles. They are not top of the quality line, but not low either.

Somewhat on the middle and their reputation has been a good one for years; being American-made.

I recommend this to you…


Customer 1 Review:

I love the fact that the tree is produced from Steele, and I own another pony saddle with a Steele tree,

and I admire the way it sits and fits my horse plus how comfortable it is for me too.

The leather is also super nice too.

I recommend you condition it once in a while to keep it in the best shape.

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Customer 3 Review:

My name is Hannah and I have tried it for 3 days and fallen in love with it.

I want to try out an “an actual” ride tomorrow and I’m paying for it tomorrow.

Customer 4 Review:

I tested it on my horse today and so far, we both like it.

Saddle King Saddles Reviews

Customer 5 Review:

I bought the saddle off EBAY and I did a 14-mile trail ride in it over the weekdays,

my horse has a nearly perfect sweat pattern, moved out GREAT, and neither of us was sore at the end of the ride.

Customer 6 Review:

I read reviews online and finally decided to purchase it yesterday – best decision ever! It fits my Missouri Fox Trotter really well.

She is wide but has more of the gaited horse “A” shaped withers.

The tree is supposed to be “quarter horse bars” and it is a good fit for her.

On the other hand, my Mustang doesn’t like it as it doesn’t fit it well.

He prefers my former saddle, which is M.Toulouse saddle.

He is WIDE! At the moment, each horse has a great fitting saddle.

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Saddle King Saddles Reviews summary:

This is a well-made saddle for any horse and the reaction of mine and ride is simply…. Priceless!!!