6 Easy Ways to Save Money While Rodeoing

6 Easy Ways to Save Money While Rodeoing

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Summertime brings lots of outdoor activities, and one favorite of both experienced and first-time cowboys and cowgirls alike is rodeoing. However, it can become rather expensive when you add up the costs associated with entry fees, transportation, and gear. If you’re looking for tips on how to save money while rodeoing, we’ve put together this article with 6 easy ways to help you stick to your rodeo budget. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur rodeo athlete, these tips will help you save money while enjoying the time you spend at the rodeo.

The 6 Best Ways to Save Money While Rodeoing Revealed

We are here to reveal our top 6 tips to save money while rodeoing. Following these tips will help you maximize your rodeo experience on a budget, all while having loads of fun!

1. Haul with a Buddy

One great way to save money while rodeoing is to haul with a buddy. Not only will it save you time and gas money getting to and from the rodeo, it can also help you save money on lodging. Plus, it can be great having a friend around to help you prep and get your gear to and from the event. Whether it’s someone coming to watch the event alongside you, or a fellow competitor to practice against, hauling with a buddy not only helps you save money, but can help build your stamina and make the event more enjoyable.

2. Gas Cards

It’s no secret that gas prices can really add up when traveling to and from rodeo events. One way to save money while rodeoing is to use gas cards. There are lots of different gas cards available with various levels of cash back and many perks like loyalty program bonuses on fuel purchases. Look for cards that give the most back when it comes to fuel to maximize your savings and make sure you always fill up at participating locations. Over time, you’ll certainly see the savings pile up and may even qualify for more rewards.

3. Coupons

You might not be aware of all the potential cost savings when it comes to outfitting your horse for a rodeo event. One way to save money while rodeoing is to use coupons for tack and feed. Take some time to search through your local feed store or online retailer for coupons that you can apply to your upcoming purchase. You might even find that some stores will provide additional savings if you purchase in bulk. With the right coupons and bulk purchases, you can certainly save some serious cash when outfitting your horse, so make sure you’re doing your research before you hit the checkout line.

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4. Joint Supplements

Horses might need antibiotics, joint injections, or other medications when competing in a rodeo event. However, the cost of medications can certainly begin to add up. One way to save money while rodeoing is to use joint supplements to save money on injections. Joint supplements can help to reduce joint pain and inflammation while also helping to improve joint function and mobility. Additionally, some supplements are loaded with vitamins and minerals to help your horse get a better night’s rest and improve overall clarity and expression. Investing in joint supplements can help you to save money over time and can help to keep your horse feeling their best even when faced with the physical demands of rodeoing.

5. Don’t Excessively Worm

The stress of rodeoing can make horses more susceptible to parasites, but this doesn’t mean you need to excessively worm them in order to stay on top of it. Instead, use a veterinarian-recommended program for worming and make sure to use fecal testing to determine if your horse actually needs to be wormed. This testing can help you avoid overtreating when it’s not necessary and save you money in the long run. Also, be sure to follow the packaging instructions on any dewormers you buy and don’t forget to store and dispose of them properly.

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6. Turnout

If you can, take advantage of turnout time when you are at the rodeo. This will give your horse some much needed downtime and rest between rides and runs. Allowing your horse to move around freely in their stall or paddock also helps them to stay physically fit and healthy while allowing their muscles to recover from a hard day’s work. This will help you save some money on pre- and post-event massage therapies and will ensure your horse is ready to go for the next day. Be sure to make sure your horse has ample shade, a tire swing, treats, and plenty of water whenever available.

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