Selenium Blocks for Horses

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Selenium blocks are a great supplement for horses that need a little extra Selenium in their diet. It’s an easy and affordable solution for horse owners who want to make sure their animals are staying healthy. Read on to find out more about Selenium blocks, why they’re important for horses, how to administer them, and where to find them.

What are Selenium Blocks?

Selenium blocks are mineral blocks, usually made from salt, that contain added Selenium. Horses need small amounts of Selenium in their diet, as it’s an important trace element and an essential micronutrient for horses. Selenium blocks are a convenient way for horse owners to make sure their animals are getting the amount of Selenium their bodies need.

Why Are Selenium Blocks Important for Horses?

Selenium is an important mineral for horses, and it helps keep their bodies strong and healthy. It plays a role in the synthesis of proteins, glucose metabolism, and proper thyroid hormone function. It’s also essential for proper immune system function. Without enough Selenium in their diet, horses can suffer from poor growth, weak muscles, and even respiratory problems.

How to Administer Selenium Blocks?

Selenium blocks should be placed in the horse’s pasture or turnout area. They should be placed in a secure and visible location where the horse can access them easily. The blocks should be checked every four to six weeks to make sure they’re not overtaken by moisture or contanimated.

Where to Find Selenium Blocks?

Selenium blocks can be found in most feed and tack stores. They are usually affordable and easy to find. If you have trouble finding them, you can also check online for stores that specialize in horse supplements.

Selenium blocks are a great way to make sure your horse is getting the Selenium it needs for a healthy body and strong immune system. They are easy to find and administer, and they are an affordable solution for horse owners. With the right amount of Selenium, your horse will stay healthy and strong.

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