Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup – How to!

Names like Siegfried, Parsifal, and Tristan conjure up images of world-class European saddlery in place of Wagnerian opera if you’re among the Stubben fan.

While the family-run business began in late-nineteenth-century Germany, it was only after World War II that it became internationally successful.

It was also around this time that various saddle styles, Wagnerian or not, began to gain their own names.

These saddles that are well crafted up hold their value for many years and, with proper care, can last a lifetime.

If you’re considering purchasing a used Stubben but doubting the age of this saddle, there are a few easy skill to find out.

How to Read Stubben Saddle Serial Number?

Typically, numbers follow the letter in the Stubben saddle serial number.

According to what we know, the treewidth and possibly the model year are included in the Stubben saddle serial number.

The brand, on the other hand, can provide accurate information.

Get across to the company’s Contact person and explain the serial number; you’ll learn about the saddle’s age, material, and manufacturer.

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Check the right saddle flap then look for the billet guard. A piece of leather is threaded through the billet straps, which are used to attach the girth.

The company has engraved each saddle with serial number on the far side of the billet guard. The serial number, in fact, starts with a letter.

If you contact Stubben with the serial number, they will be able to tell you how old your saddle is and who made it. The serial number also includes the width of the tree.

The saddle is given a Stubben saddle serial number for the sole purpose of inventory and identification.

The serial number, which can be found on the label or on the saddle itself, is a unique set of alphabet and numbers that helps the brand authenticate the saddle and distinguish it from others.

It’s entirely feasible that the saddle’s earliest billet guards are no longer in use, or that an older Stubben’s billet guard is missing. If this is the case, there is still hope.

Photograph your saddle from all area, including the underneath and the underside and flap.

Send your photos and other relevant information to, and a representative will contact you with a quote.

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Is Stübben a good Saddle?

My horse and I were both comfortable in the saddle. It was also a very enjoyable journey.

The Biomex* pads improved the saddle’s comfort, especially for my lower back.” The narrator exclaims, “Thank you, Stübben!”

If you’re about to purchase a Stubben saddle and you wished to make a confirmation of the serial number online, then contact the representative of Stubben saddle to get all the details.

A true Stubben fan appreciates the worth of a saddle that has provided years of dependable service and comfortable riding.

If you’re looking into the world of English saddles, you’ll hear the term “stubborn saddle” a lot.

The Stubben saddle will provide years of exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite style if properly cared for.

What does the Serial Number on the Saddle mean?

The serial number on a saddle contains a lot more information than you might think.

You may have mistaken a serial number for a random set of alphanumeric numbers engraved or sewn on the saddle; however, it contains a wealth of information for the buyer.

It could include information such as the size of the tree, the model year, the seat, the material, and much more.

Length of Stubben Saddle Serial Number

Each Stubben saddle may have a different serial number.

It is usually a single set of numbers, but only the brand can provide precise information in this regard.

The serial numbers on older and newer models may be in different styles. T

he length of the serial number differs between the older and newer Stubben saddles.

Do Stubben Saddles have a numeric serial number?

Many people believe saddle serial numbers can only be numeric, but this is not the case.

The alphanumeric serial number, which includes both letters and numbers, is usually found on stubby saddles.

It is usually determined by the manufacturer, his preferred style, and the message he wishes to convey through the serial number.

Locating the Stubben Saddle Serial Number

Lift the right saddle flap and look for the Stubben saddle serial number on the billet guard.

The billet guard is the part of the saddle where billet straps (which hold the girth in place) are threaded.

On the far side of the billet strap, the Stubben serial number is stamped, imprinted, or engraved.

The serial number may be stamped in different places on newer and older model saddles.

Do Stubben Saddles have the same Serial and Model number?

Stubben saddles, like other saddle brands, have different serial and model numbers.

In most cases, the model number is found near the serial number.

How do you tell the difference between a Stubben saddle serial number and a model number?

Because the serial and model numbers for Stubben saddles are so close to each other, it’s easy to mix them up.

One way to tell them apart is that the serial number begins with a letter.

The Older Stubben Saddle’s Serial Numbers

The demand for older Stubben saddles isn’t going away anytime soon, but authenticating the serial number on an older saddle may take some time.

It’s very likely that the billet guards with serial numbers on them have vanished or been replaced with a newer model.

You can still authenticate the saddle by contacting the manufacturer.

How do I check the serial number on a Stubben saddle?

Only the brand itself can provide an authentic verification of a Stubben saddle serial number.

The Stubben representative can confirm the serial number and explain what else it contains.

Stubben’s Contact Information

If you’re thinking about buying a Stubben saddle and want to double-check the serial number, contact the local supplier, tack shop, or call the helpline.

The representative will clear up any doubts you may have about the serial number and answer any other questions you may have.

Call 800 550-1110 for assistance or write to Stübben North America.

Wounded Knee Lane is located at 1018 Wounded Knee Lane. 22974, Troy, Virginia

Send an email to info at and expect a response within a day or two.

To get a quick response, send a detailed email with photos from all angles and the model number.


To summarize, the Stubben saddle serial number starts with a letter and then moves on to numbers.

The saddle age and treewidth may be included in a Stubben saddle serial number.

Only a Stubben representative can confirm what information the serial number contains.