Tex Tan Saddle Reviews [with Pros & Cons]

Welcome to Tex tan saddle reviews. This review aims to show you the pros and cons of selecting Tex tan saddles out of the many saddle brands on the market.

Text Tan Saddle Reviews

The Tex Tan Saddles brand is an industry leader in western style tack and saddles.

Text Tan is proud of its quality, original design, and finished product.


Tex Tan uses only the finest material and leather and is America’s number one saddle.

Tex Tan saddles are proudly made in the USA and are the official manufacturer and distributor of the American Quarter Horse Association.

Tex Tan saddles come in various styles such as the Tex Tan Roping, Text Tan Barrel, Tex Tan Show, or the famous Tex Tan Flex Trail saddle.

Tex Tan also produces quality breast collars, bridles, and another western style tack.

Comfort, readability, style, usefulness, and fit are the primary goals of Tex Tan.

The most well-sought styles of Tex Tan saddles or tack are readily available for affordable prices and come with100 a % customer satisfaction guarantee.

My Experience

Honestly, Text tan is a fine saddle for the money. Personally, I prefer them and like them better than the Circle Y line.

Like all old brands, they were produced a lot better years ago than they are now.

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Need I add that I love the fit and ride too?

My saddle is among the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in my life and it fits my draft gelding gracefully. My horse is comfortable with it.

The flex tree is sound and the saddle is awesome to own and ride in.

tex tan saddle reviews

My thought, Likes and Dislikes

You might be lucky to find this half the price in local shops. It is a nice horse saddle for trail riding, but I probably wouldn’t try to barrel race in it.

However, it does need a small number of adjustments, like the breast dee ring. I’m going to try to add one.


It is very light, even your kids can carry it.

It is comfortable to ride in.

It is long-lasting and sturdy too.

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It doesn’t come with a breast collar dee ring.

Some customers have complained about how bad they got attended to by the customer care rep.

I wish the stirrups were wider – they are a little small.

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