Tucker Saddle Serial Number Lookup (2022 Guide)

Tucker saddles have been designed specifically for trail horses and riders for over 30 years. Tucker is the industry leader in trail and endurance riding durability and comfort.

Tucker trail saddles have a higher centre of gravity and do not rest against the horse’s back. You and your horse will notice the difference whether you’re riding 5 miles or 75 miles.

The Tucker Saddlery Company is, without a doubt, the most well-known brand of trail saddles and tack in the United States.

Only authorized Tucker dealers to sell their outstanding products, and we’re proud to offer them to you through Horse Saddle Shop.

Tucker isn’t one for taking shortcuts. Each saddle features the company’s patented Gel-Cush shock-absorbing seat, as well as the highest quality leather, hardware, and trees designed specifically for Tucker.

They’re great for all horses, but they’re especially popular with gaited horses.

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How to read Tucker Saddle Serial Number

The year is the first step in determining the information on your saddle. On your serial plate, there should be two lines of numbers.

The model number appears on the top line. The serial number, which will begin with the year of production, is the bottom line.

A unique serial number is imprinted on the saddle you purchased.

This serial number uniquely identifies your saddle, revealing details such as its type, size, and colour, as well as any other information the saddle maker deems relevant.

The serial number is frequently found near or with the saddle maker’s saddle mark, a design or logo that identifies the saddle maker’s brand.


Tucker is one of the leading horse saddles manufacturers; here, we have provided you with information to read your saddle serial or model number and other crucial information you need to know about Tucker serial number.