What Do You Need for a Leadline Class? Find Out!

First, you should begin by getting a rule book for the association you plan on showing with. This will get you familiar with the requirement or more.

For example, here are the leadline rules for an association I show with:

For Leadline Classes:

  • All exhibitors will be suitably attired according to the current trend in English or western show apparel.
  • Approved helmets are a must for every rider not up to age 18. The handler must also be neatly and sensibly dressed in English or western riding attire.
  • The handler must have at least be 18 years old.
  • The exhibitors must have their feet in the stirrups.

Now, for the clothes, I recommend you check up Ebay since kids these days outgrow their stuff pretty fast.

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What Do You Need for a Leadline Class

As for your kid, ensure he or she knows if the horse is a girl or boy and how old the horse is. Ensure he or she knows the name and show him or her how to back the horse up. I believe these are the simple things they ask of them.

lead line horse show outfits

Note: You can back the horse from the ground but they want to see her ask for it.

A lot of local level shows will pin all the leadliners in first place but some of them might actually judge.

Lastly, Have fun!

What Do You Need for a Leadline Class?

Well, that too will depend on the type of show you are going to lead at.

Some shows lead line is an extremely competitive division.

Two best place to find that tiny rider apparel is on eBay and a consignment store. It is obviously outgrown very fast.

Search on Ebay for the clothes but you can get it at rods, stateline, schneiders, hobby horse, dover, etc.

Most times, the lead person and rider dress alike if possible. If not ensure you wear a collared shirt and nice slacks or jeans.

Has your daughter or son ever showed? Did you lead? In your experience, what do you need for a leadline class?