What Is A Free Lease Horse? in 2022 [ANSWER HERE]

What Is A Free Lease Horse?

To free lease a horse means you get a horse from the owner, and partially or fully pay a percentage of the general welfares of the horse, which include, the vet, deworming, farrier, water, feed, and other related stuff.

On the other hand, you could be given just for training purposes, while you would have paid for the upkeep.

Some will prefer periodic check on their horses to know if it is truly taken care of and well trained.

A few would prefer a free lease horse to own one. All is based on preference.

Both parties win, in a free lease scenario.

The owner of the leased horse is happy because his horse will be well-taken, while the lessee is ecstatic because he got a healthy horse to himself without paying a dime for it.

An agreement is always bridged in such situations, and questions like what will happen if the horse dies?

For this, the leaser could say he will love to have a pictorial view of the dead horse or a video. Free lease terms, conditions, and agreement are strictly based on the leasers.

Is it better to buy or lease a horse?

Some would say they must be informed before their horses are transported to a location different from the address in the bridged agreement, while others would say, their horses must not leave the initial point, as they have an impromptu check, in order to be kept abreast.

The agreement can be renewed every six months or a year. And in the process of renewing, both parties must take a picture with themselves, and the horse.

You could have someone spy on your horse, provided the person stays near the lessee’s house.

Most times, this is completely uneasy to get, except you are lucky enough.

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What to Include in a Horse Lease Contract

To lease a horse, ensure you have a formal or written document for proper agreement.

For utmost protection over the contract, ensure you have an equine legal professional, who will thoroughly run through your interests and terms.

three types of horse lease arrangements:

Full lease:

with a negotiable deal, you have all the time for your horse, as you cater for his well-being and general health.

Half or Partial lease:

here, you have no financial responsibility to own to a large extent. But you will have your horse’s ownership shared with someone else.

Free lease:

the horse is leased without payment, but the lessee takes full responsibility for the safety, feeding, and well-being of the horse.

Or you could choose to get a well-trained horse of yours as a return.

If things don’t go well, your lay down terms will have to come into play.

That is why you must make it as legal as possible.

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What Is A Free Lease Horse

Where to Find Horses to Lease?

It is not bad to conclude that you will lease your horse.

A lessee balances the equation, hence, to aid where to get anyone on time, here are a few places you can check out:

  • Tack shops
  • Your trainer
  • Stables
  • Horse shows
  • Horse forums or online
  • Area stores
  • Equestrian publications
  • Horse riding clubs
  • Stables in your neighbourhood