WHY Are Barrel Racing Helmets on the Rise? FIND OUT!

I’m sure you have all seen Fallon Taylor flying around the barrels with one of her signature color-laden helmets by now.

I’m also sure you’ve heard many opinions on her new headwear; for and against. What you may not know is that this barrel racing fashionista has started a major trend.

Prior to the Fallon Taylor helmet debut, you might have seen one helmet-wearing competitor at any given western competition. Now you are likely to see three or four helmet-wearing riders at a barrel jackpot.

After suffering a spinal injury in 2009 from a horse accident, Fallon decided at the 2014 NFR she and her family would be more comfortable if she began wearing a helmet instead of the traditional cowboy hat.

This has inspired many riders competing under similar situations, as well as parents who have children competing to switch over to a safer option.

In the U.S alone approximately 78,000 people seek emergency room care due to horse accidents. Fifteen percent of these are head injuries.

It’s no wonder that parents especially are motivating their children to wear helmets as opposed to cowboy hats.

Are Barrel Racing Helmets on the Rise

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Fallon has stated she is out to break the barriers and stigma of wearing a helmet during rodeo events.

You might think fashionable Fallon wouldn’t want a helmet to cramp her style, but she has incorporated them into her wardrobe to provide an even larger fashion statement.

Who would have thought a riding helmet could be cool? Fallon Taylor did. She has been donning these colorful Troxel helmets since her helmet debut.

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Check out the new Fallon Taylor helmet line HERE

Whether you are on board the Fallon express or not, it looks like barrel racing helmets, at least, is here to stay.

Not everyone is going to go out and buy a helmet, but you have to respect the decision of those that do. There are some things that go before tradition, and I’d say your life is one of them.

***UPDATE****  As of January 30, 2016, Fallon Taylor’s new line of Troxel rodeo helmets will be available. The helmets will be designed in true Fallon flair with Troxel safety