how to read a bates saddle serial number

How to Read a Bates Saddle Serial Number

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Are you looking to purchase a Bates Saddle? If so, you may have noticed that each saddle has a unique serial number. This serial number provides essential information about the saddle and its background. Therefore, it’s important to understand what it means and how to read it. Read on to learn the ins and outs of Bates Saddle serial numbers.

What Is A Bates Saddle Serial Number?

A Bates Saddle serial number is a unique eight- or nine-digit code. It is printed on a label located on the rear of the saddle’s skirt, just below the stirrup bar. This number is usually accompanied by the length, width, tree size, and maybe the texture. While the label may not be visible if the saddle is covered in a leather or a blanket, it’s still there and the saddle must be dismounted to locate it.

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How To Read A Bates Saddle Serial Number

Most Bates Saddles feature the serial number right on the label. To read it, you’ll first need to identify the first six digits. The first two digits represent the year the saddle was made, followed by two digits that indicate the month. The following two digits are the saddle type, indicating either a dressage or a jump saddle.

The last four or five digits of the serial number can tell you some important information about the saddle, such as tree width and size, or maybe even the model that was used to make it. For example, the code 7308KSS indicates the saddle has a KSS tree (Kontact Symmetrical Spine), while 437XX indicates the tree size is XW (Extra Wide).

What Does The Bates Saddle Serial Number Mean?

The Bates Saddle Serial number provides a wealth of information about the saddle. It provides a production date as well as an understanding of what tree size and model was used to build the saddle.

Where is the Bates Saddle Serial Number?

The Bates Saddle Serial Number is located on the rear of the saddle’s skirt, just below the stirrup bar. It may not be visible if the saddle is covered in a blanket or leather, but it’s still there and the saddle must be dismounted to locate it.

Tips to Avoid Fake Bates Saddles

With so many counterfeits out there, it’s important to check the serial number before you make your purchase. If you’re unsure whether or not the saddle is genuine, request proof of products from the seller to ensure that it is a genuine Bates Saddle. Additionally, compare the serial number with the official list of Bates Saddle Serial Numbers to verify its authenticity.

Is Bates a Good Saddle?

Bates are renowned for their superior quality, craftsmanship, and comfort. Their saddles are popular with many equitation and show jumping competitors around the world.

What are the Most Popular Bates Saddles?

The most popular Bates Saddles include the Elevation Mono, Elyx, and Caprilli. The Mono is designed for comfort and maximum movement for the horse in dressage tests and courses; the Elyx features close contact panels and innovative design for eventing or jumping; and the Caprilli is the ultimate show jumping saddle, with an adjustable tree.

Where To Buy Bates Saddles

Bates saddles can be bought from at an affordable price. It is a great option for those wanting to purchase a quality saddle. offers a wide selection of Bates saddles, from show jumping to dressage and eventing, all designed to provide top-notch performance for riders of all levels. At, you can find saddles from the Bates Iconic, Opulence, and Caprilli collections. Shipping is fast and the return policy is generous so you can purchase with confidence. Plus, you can use our saddle-fitting tool to ensure that the saddle you purchase fits you and your horse perfectly. Shop for your next Bates saddle!

Bates Saddle Serial Number – Final Thoughts

Knowing the serial number of a saddle can help you determine the origins of the Bates Saddle. It can provide you with information such as the type, tree size, model, and production date. Therefore, it’s important to find and understand the serial number of any Bates Saddle you’re thinking of purchasing.

Armed with this knowledge, you can be confident that you’re buying only the best.

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