How to Read a Stubben Saddle Serial Number

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Welcome to the article on Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup! If you are an avid horse rider, you have likely heard of Stubben saddles and are familiar with the craftsmanship and quality associated with the brand. Whether you are looking to purchase or repair a used Stubben saddle, it is important to know the serial number of your saddle. In this article, we will discuss the importance of knowing the serial number of your Stubben saddle and how to locate it.

What Is A Stubben Saddle Serial Number?

A Stubben Saddle Serial Number is a unique identifier assigned to each Stubben Saddle. This number is used to track the saddle’s production and sales history, as well as for warranty and repair purposes.

It consists of a combination of numbers and letters, and can vary in length depending on the saddle model. Knowing the serial number of your Stubben Saddle is important when looking to purchase or repair a saddle, as it allows you to ensure that you are dealing with an authentic Stubben product.

Typically, numbers follow the letter in the Stubben saddle serial number.

According to what we know, the treewidth and the model year are included in the Stubben saddle serial number.

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What Does The Stubben Saddle Serial Number Mean?

Typically, the letter in the Stubben Saddle Serial Number is followed by a series of numbers. This number sequence can provide a wealth of information about the saddle, such as the tree width and the model year. For instance, the number sequence may indicate that the saddle has a medium tree width and was manufactured in 2012.

Knowing the tree width and model year of a saddle is important when looking to purchase or repair a used one, as it can help ensure you get the right fit and age of saddle.

Additionally, the number sequence in the serial number may also provide information about the saddle’s specific features. For instance, the number sequence may indicate that the saddle has a deep seat, short panels, and a smooth leather finish.

By looking up the serial number, you can make sure that the saddle you are considering is the right one for you.

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup – Where Is Serial Number?

The serial number on a Stubben saddle is located on the far side of the billet guard. To find the billet guard, check the right saddle flap and look for the leather straps that are used to attach the girth. Once located, the serial number will be engraved on the billet guard and will start with a letter.

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Length Of Stubben Saddle Serial Number

Each Stubben saddle will have a different serial number, the number will vary in length.

It is usually a single set of numbers, but only the brand can provide precise information in this regard.

The serial numbers on older and newer models may be in different styles. The length of the serial number differs between the older and newer Stubben saddles.

Do Stubben Saddles Have A Numeric Serial Number?

Many people believe saddle serial numbers can only be numeric, but this is not the case.

The alphanumeric serial number, which includes both letters and numbers, is usually found on Stubble saddles.

It is usually determined by the manufacturer, his preferred style, and the message he wishes to convey through the serial number.

Difference Between Stubben Saddle Serial Number & Model Number?

It can be easy to confuse the serial and model numbers for Stubben saddles since they are so close to one another. However, the serial number can be distinguished from the model number as it always starts with a letter.

Older Stubben Saddle Serial Numbers

The demand for vintage Stubben saddles shows no sign of waning, but authenticating their serial number can be a challenge. Unfortunately, the billet guards with the serial numbers are often no longer present or have been replaced with a newer model. If you want to authenticate your saddle, reach out to the manufacturer for assistance.

Stubbens Contact Information

After performing a Stubben saddle serial number lookup it is a good idea to send the serial number to Stubbens for more information on the saddle.

If you’re thinking about buying a Stubben saddle and want to double-check the serial number, contact the local supplier, tack shop, or call the helpline.

The representative will clear up any doubts you may have about the serial number and answer any other questions you may have.

To visit Stubbens official website follow this link.

Call 800 550-1110 for assistance or write to Stübben North America.

Wounded Knee Lane is located at 1018 Wounded Knee Lane. 22974, Troy, Virginia

Send an email to info at and expect a response within a day or two.

To get a quick response, send a detailed email with photos from all angles and the model number.

Tips To Avoid Buying Fake Stubben Saddles

When looking to buy a Stubben saddle, it is important to ensure that the saddle is authentic. To do this, you should always look up the saddle’s serial number by performing a Stubben serial number lookup. This will allow you to cross-reference the serial number with Stubben’s database and confirm that the saddle is indeed authentic. Additionally, you should look for visible signs of authenticity such as the Stubben logo, the correct quality of stitching, and the correct quality of leather. Taking the time to do a serial number lookup and inspect the saddle thoroughly will help ensure that you don’t purchase a fake Stubben saddle.

Do Stubben Make Good Saddles?

Stubben saddles are some of the most popular saddles used by riders around the world. They are known for their high-quality construction and classic styling. These saddles feature a deep seat and wide panels, which makes them more comfortable for the horse and rider. They also have adjustable features such as knee blocks, thigh blocks and stirrup bars, which enable the rider to customize the fit of the saddle. Additionally, Stubben saddles are made with durable leather and built to last, so you can depend on them for years of reliable use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, Stubben saddles are an excellent choice for your horse.

Stubben Saddle Serial Number Lookup – Final Thoughts

Stubben saddles feature serial numbers that begin with a letter, followed by numbers. These serial numbers may provide insight into the age and treewidth of the saddle. Understanding a Stubben saddle serial number can be beneficial for ensuring the saddle is the right fit for the rider and horse.

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