Silver Royal Saddle Reviews In 2022-You’d Ever Need

Do you need a saddle that is both long-lasting and sturdy? Read our Silver royal saddle review to find out if this fits your needs.

The saddle royal saddle for horses is both comfortable and built with genuine leather. It is very well made, good leather and the horn and tree are good and tight.



It has been said to last for more than 10 years. So, you see even your kids can enjoy these.

Honest Silver Royal Saddle Review

No doubt, this is a heavy sturdy saddle, quality leather and has silver plating with rubies and bronze overlay (not made out of cheap ones). Once cleaned, you can still take it out to show rings.


This saddle is beautifully made – not as well made or pretty as Billy Royal or a Chavez; but still pretty to look at anyways.

We wanted a dark show saddle — and that is a tall order to fill these days. We did own an older Circle Y, however, this saddle simply looked “more the part” And I hate showing with a worn-out, old looking saddle, regarding of how much “better” it is supposed to be.

Nevertheless, this saddle has been a wonderful one for us, and we dressed it up with some Billy Royal reins, headstall, and wound up with great ribbons!


This same saddle has been sold by some shops for more than $3k+, and at that price, I wouldn’t have expected the color to rub off at all. The silver royal saddle is anice one, but the color rub off a bit, and it simply doesn’t have that “completely expensive” look.

Silver Royal Saddle Reviews

At the price I got it, I am satisfied. But, had I more time, I would have waited for the Billy Royal to be made available then opt for it. However, this saddle is a nice one, and is very beautiful!

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The quality is not the same as more expensive brands. Basically, you get what you pay for; quality, sturdy and comfortability.

The older Silver Royal horse saddles are a much higher quality.


In the end, everyone I know who have used this saddle has loved it. It might not be as comfortable as Circle Y or Chavez, but it is very pretty.

It really is not an expensive silver – but the global change might make it look like it is. Personally, the leather is softer and nice than a new Billy Cook that I recently saw- and is a much better looking saddle than that if I was honestly going to show Western, however I’d end up spending more cash.

The Silver Royal saddle review summary is this – You Get What You Pay for!

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