Blue Ridge Saddle Reviews in 2022 [Real & Updated]

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I knew long ago that the Blue Ridge saddles were produced in Argentina.

Most of the older saddles made had been known to last ages with some dating back to the 19’0s.

However, newer models appear to be cheaply made.

I recommend going for older models as they hold up extremely well and the leather is decent and the tree is still sound.

Purchasing them on this website is cheaper and the way to go.

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14″ to 17″ Julie Goodnight Blue Ridge Flex2 Trail Saddle

14″ to 17″ Julie Goodnight Blue Ridge Flex2 Trail Saddle 1751

Blue Ridge Saddle Reviews

The brand “Blue Ridge Saddlery” has been in the business a long time so they know their stuff.

They are economical and produce some pretty decent stuff if I may ask.

Manufacturer: Blue Ridge Saddlery (View all products by Blue Ridge Saddlery)

Model: Barrel Saddle

Customer Review: 4 years ago, I bought the saddle when I first decided to give barrel racing a trial and it was worth it. Then, it costs me around $350 or so, from eBay.

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It is economical and affordable.

The swells and rough out are nice

It is light in weight too.

The tree is good and should give you a good run for your money.

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Like most of the new saddles, the leather was actually stiff and the stirrups leather stretched way too unevenly.

The horn wasn’t too comfortable to hold or very smooth either although it will hold you in.

It is better for stockier horses. It is not as comfortable for horses that use narrow saddles.

blue ridge saddle reviews

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At the end of this Blue Ridge saddle review, we understand that it isn’t a bad saddle for the price.

In fact, we now know that after getting better at barrel racing you get what you pay for, and we did.

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