Courbette Saddle Serial Number Lookup – How to!

We know that lots of information can be deduced from serial numbers on saddles than you think, but we also know that they can be a little perplexing.

We’ve put together the following guide to assist you in decoding the serial number on your Courbette Saddle!

Just as the name point to it, this saddle is characterized by a deep seat and has a more versatile flap design.

It’s an all-purpose saddle with a propensity for jumping, though the rider isn’t limited to using it exclusively as a jumping saddle.

For use on the flat, the less forward-curved flaps allow the rider to lengthen the leg position slightly.

Knee rolls are hidden in this saddle style. Flaps provide better grip and comfort with leather-covered padded knee inserts.

The Parts Of A Saddle

Courbette Saddle Serial Number Lookup

You can easily find the serial number of Courbette saddle on the flap of the saddle.

Courbette Saddle Quick Information

Flap length 14.”

Seat size: 17.5″

Medium tree

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How to read Courbette Saddle Serial Number

The first digit within every group of numbers refers to the area of the saddle’s panelling.

In contrast, the second two digits indicate how much extra thickness has been added in millimetres to that area.

The fourth and fifth lines on the Voltaire stamp indicate the panelling.

Courbette Saddle Serial Number Lookup


Getting to know more information about your Courbette Saddle requires you to know how to read or decode the serial number, or in other words, the model number of the Saddle, and that is what we have done justice to here in this content.